Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


18. 18

Alex's pov

"My little soon to be star" Dad sniffed as he ulled away from our hug

"What do you mean?" I asked laughing

"Well, you've been all over the news for like  week and a half. A video of you singing was uploaded or something on twitter or instagram, whatever your generation likes." I laughed as my dad tried remembering all of the social medias.

"Yea, Michael flmed me" I said as i sat down on the couch

"Michael? Oh, yea your step brother." I nodded and dad sat down beside me

"So, why didn't you call me?" He asked and i sighed

"Because, it wasn't even planed in the first place. I had to rush here because of Ty..." Dad sighed and rubbed his face

"Yea.. I heard. Boo i'm sorry" He said taking me in a hug

"I mean it's fine. He'll be okay so it's okay" Dad looked at me, knowing i was only trying to convince myself.

I looked down and cupped my face in my shaky hands.

I let out a low sob, hoping my dad didn'T heard it. Unfortunately for me, he did

"Oh no Alex" He sighed and hugged me tightly

"It'S all my fault" I sobbed in his chest

"What do you mean? you weren't even here" Dad said and i nodded


"No no Alex don't you dare blame this on yourself. Tyler needs help and he's going to get some." Dad said walking into the kitchen.

"what are you doing?" I called

"Calling your family. They missed you and you need to see them" i walked into the kitchen and sat on the counter.

"Dad, it's fine i saw them a month ago" I laughed and he grinned

"Yea, but you need someone to boost your moral up!" He exclaimed messsing my hair up

"Dad" I whined and he laughed

"Come on, i'll call aunt Joci"

"Aunt Joci?!" I exclaimed, a big smile appearing on my face

"Yes, Aunt Joci. Now i'll call her while you answer your phone, it's been ringing for quite a while now" I smiled and walked back into the living room. I picked my phone up from the couch and saw i had 8 missed calls from Ash and a couple more from the other boys.

I decided to call Michael.

"Alex!? Oh thank god you're alive!" Michael exclaimed and i heard the other boys asking questions in the back

"Uhm... Yea?" I questioned

"Where are you?! We called Tyler's mum asking for you and she said you were gone!" Ashton yelled from behind Michael, i guess.

"Relax, i'm at my dad's.  I was running away from the hospital, saw my old street and decided to pay a visit to my dad. I guess i forgot to tell you" I shrugged, even if they couldn't see me

"Heck yea you did" Calum mumbled and i laughed

"Now, can i go and enjoy an evening with my father?" I laughed

"Sure." They all mumbled and i laughed

"Alright, bye guys. I'll be at the hotel later" I said and hung up.

"Joci, Grandma, Grandpa and your cousins will be here in 10 minutes" Dad said coming into the living room.

"Who were you talking to?" He questionned and i laughed

"My best friend and boy- boy do i miss them" I said awkwardly God if i said boyfriend, my dad would've freaked out.

"Sure... Okay well i'll be cooking if you need anything. Oh and your room is still upstairs" He sais suspicously and i grinned

"Okay!" I ran up to my room and opened the door, reveiling all my posters and dark coloured walls.

My phone started ringing and i sighed. What else. I looked at it and saw it was my mum. Oh god.

"Hello?" I answered


"Mum, i'm so sorry i didn't tell you, i was so stressed and panicked that i didn't think about you."

"Wait what do you mean stressed?"

"Well... Tyler he uhm.. He tried to-you know- commit suicide"


"yea. Oh" i replied and mum sighed

"At least you're alright. Look i know it was stressing you out but pretty please tell me when you go across the globe" Mum pleaded and i laughed

"Sorry i didn't tell you"

"It's okay. but you and Michael are going to be grounded for 2 weeks. I'll have to tell the other boy's mums too" I sighed and agreed

"Alright well i'll talk to you later, i have to eat now"

"Okay, goodbye alex. Call me tomorrow when you Wake up."

"But mum, it'll be way too early for you" I laughed

"I don't care!" She laughed " Bye Alex. "Take care"

"you too, Love you mum"

"love you too" I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket

Time to go see the family again.

----- After diner cause i really don't want to write that boring stuff------

"alright, see you soon" I said to my aunt Joci as she was about to leave with her sons and my grand parents.

My dad closed the door and we were left alone.

"uhm Alex who is Hi or Hey?" dad asked looking at my phone

"Oh Shoot, my record deal" I said snatching my phone and answering the call


"Alex! How are you?"

"I'm good you?"

"Good good.. Hey when do you think you could stop by at the studio? We could start writing."

"Uhm.. How about next week? I can't this week because i had an emergency and well i'm in England"

"Okay no that's fine. I'll text you the adress of the studio and i guess i'll see you sometime next week"

"Okay, goodbye"

"goodbye" I hung up and looked at Dad who had a confused look on his face

"I have to be at the studio next week" He nodded and i looked at the tim. It was almost eleven in the evening

"I  think i'll be heading out now. It's getting late"

"Alright. Call me tomorrow okay?" I nodded and gave my dad one last hug

"Bye, love you!"

"Love you too!" I walked out of the door and down the street,looking at the stars. I texted the boys, saying i'd be back soon.


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