Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


16. 16

Alex's pov

"Okay so Luke, Calum and i will be sharing a room. Ashton, i trust you with my sister but if i hear noises coming from your room, you're dead" michael said and i giggled

"Calm down Mike. Really, don't become so overprotective." Ashton sighed and i nodded

"Fine, go in your room." Michael laughed

"Jeez. I'm the older on and he's bossing me around, jerk" i muttered and Ashton laughed as he put his arm around my waist, leading me down the hall. We searched for our room and finally reached the 136. I took the key from Ashton's hand and unlocked the door, reveiling a room with two beds.

"Awe... I won't be able to sleep with you" Ashton pouts as he picked me up and spunme around

"That's exactly why Michael asked for two beds" I giggled as Ashton threw me on the bed

"Fine." He huffed

"Waht time is it?" I asked and Ashton looked at his Watch.

"Six thirty, why?" He asked and i shrugged

"I'm going at the hospital soon then" He nodded and kissed my forehead, making me smile

"Remember when we first met a few weeks ago? You said you liked Calum." Ash said and i laughed

"I didn't want to tell you i liked you!" I defended myself and he giggled

"I know, but that was still mean" he pouted and i kissed him

"But it's okay now, is it?" I questioned.

"Hmm very" He moaned through the kiss. I giggled and pulled away

"I have to go to the hospital" I said

"I'm coming too"

"No you're not, rest. I want some alone time with Tyler" I pleaded and he sighed

"Fine. But be back soon" He pouted and i nodded before kissing him.

I got out of his grip and made my way to my suitcase, taking out some clean clothes and my hair brush.

I ran to our bathroom and closed the door. I striped and put on my new clothes before brushing my hair and putting it in a high ponytail.

I stepped out of the bathroom to find Ashton asleep on the bed.

"Weak white boy" I laughed to myself before slowly getting out fo the hotel room. I decided to text Mikey, in case he forgot i was going to see Tyler.

A- Going to the hospital, see you soon bro xxx


"Hello how may i help you?" The lady at the front asked me as i passed the hospital doors.

"Uhm yes, could you tell me in which room Tyler Stephen is in?" I asked and she eyed me


"Uhm no, best friends since birth" I smiled

"Sorry m'am but it's family only

I sigh and rubbed my face

"when will i be able to see him then?"

"In a couple of days i guess..." She trailed off and i sighed. Dang it.

"Look, i came here all the way from Australia to see my best friend and i would like it if you'd-"

"Alex! It's alright she's with me" Tyler's mum said to the lady and dragged me towards the hallway

"How is he?" I asked looking down as we walked down the hall

"Been asking for you since day one. He's getting better physically, but not mentally. I don't know what pushed him to... You know..." she kept on talking about Tyler and the family, but i didn't listen. It's all my fault. He tried to kill himself because i wasn't there and because i got a boyfriend. It's my fault


"Alex?" I snapped out of my thoughts and realised i was in front of a door.

"It's his room?" I asked Tyler's mum and she nodded

"Go in. I'll be waiting in the waiting room" She smiled before walking away.

I took a deep breath before putting my hand on the door knob and slowly turning it


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