Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


15. 15

Alex's pov

"Hello could i get 1 ticket to London please?" I asked as i carried my small suitcase to the counter

"Yes... There's a flight in a few hours, is that alright?" She asked and i nodded

"Yes, the sooner the better" she smiled

"Could you make that 5 tickets please?" I turned around to be faced with Michael , Luke, Calum and Ashton.

"What are you doing here?" I exclaimed as i hugged all of them

"Support" ashton shrugged as his hands rested on my waist. I grinned and pecked his lips softly

"Did we miss something?" Luke asked.

Ashton asked me out yesterday, it was so romantic! The flowers, the letter and the whole date! It really was cute, i mean look at the guy

"Yes. I'm his girlfriend" i squealed and the boys smiled

"Finally" calum moaned and i laughed as Ashton pulled me closer to him

"We're going to England together" he whispered in my ear and i blushed before giggling

"Oh no. She's all girly now" michael said pulling one of his famous sour face

"Shut up. At least he can- you know what? I'm not going to say the rest" i said giggling

"Oh come on!" Michael whined, "Tell me!"

"Nope, we have to get everything ready!" I exclaimed as i pecked Ashton's cheek before grabbing his hand and leading him to a small restaurant, the boys following closely

---a few hours later---

"I'm so tired" ashton yawned and i smiled

"Lay down on me" i suggested and he smirked before shrugging

"No funny business" i warned as he out his head on my lap and his feet on Luke's lap. I passed my hand through his hair, feeling myself also falling asleep

"You know, he really likes you" luke whispered into my ear as We both heard soft snores coming from Ashton's mouth

"Yea... I really like him too" i said looking back up at Luke and smiling. He smiled back and we both talked about music and stuff for an hour before i fell asleep, my hand still in Ashton's long soft hair

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