Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


14. 14

Michael's pov

I got woken up early in the morning by Alex's phone ringing constantly. I groaned and rolled out of the air matress that was set up in Alex's room and made sure not to step on Ashton as i made my way to her phone.

I decided to answer it. For all we know, it could be important


"Hello is Alex there?" A woman asked sounding stressed

"Uhm well she's sleeping, i could leave her a message if you want?"

"Uhm y-yea sure this is Tyler's mum, tell her to call me back. Or to call Tyler's phone. It's an emergency"

"Will do m'am"

"Thank you. Have a nice day"

"You too" i hung up and looked at Alex who was peacefully cuddling her penguin stuffed animal.

What in the world is happening with Tyler?

-----a few hours later------

Alex's pov

I stretched my arms as i woke up. It's so nice waking up on saturdays. Nothing could possibly ruin a saturday morning in my opinion. I smiled as i felt the warm sun light on my skin coming from my newly installed window.

I sigh happily as i hoped out of my bed and got out of my bedroom

"Hey Mikey, boys" i greeted as i entered the kitchen

"Hey Alex, Tyler's mum called. She told me to tell you to call her back, it's important" michael said and i eyed him

"Uhm okay... I'll be right back." I said as i planted a quick kiss on Ashton's lips

"Hello" he said smirking and i giggled before going into my bedroom

I knew something was wrong. What could Tyler's mum possibly tell me? That Tyler won at the lotery? No way, it's something bad and i knew it.

I unpluged my phone off my charger and called Tyler's mum.

"Hello?" She asked panting

"Ellen? What's going on?" I asked putting a strand of my brown hair behind my ear

"Tyler... He, he tried to commit suicide. I found him unconcious on his bed and-and a blade was beside him. His writs... Oh god his wrists. Alex you need to come back" ellen begged and i hitched a breath

"Oh my god.. I'll be in London as soon as possible Ellen. Could you give me the address of the hospital?" I asked shedding a tear

"Uh yea sure. I'll text you it"

"Thanks... Oh god i feel so bad Ellen" i sobbed as i pulled on my hair

"No no what are you talking about dear?"

"We had a fight a couple of days back and just yesterday he called saying he couldn't do it without me and oh my god i killed my best friend" i exclaimed as i paced back and forth. The boys came in running as Ellen tried comforting me about how Tyler isn't dead and it's not my fault

"What's happening?" Ashton mouthed

I shook my head and went back to the conversation

"Okay Ellen. See you soon."

"Goodbye Alex" and with that, i hung up before breaking down in Ashton's arms as he held me tight

"Shhhh it's going to be fine" he whispered and the other boys gave us a group hug

"Alex, tell us ,what's happening?" Calum asked as he took my shoulders in his hands.

"I'm going back to England tomorrow, for a week" i whispered still crying"

"Why?" Luke asked chiming in

"Tyler he-" i stopped mid sentence as i felt another wave of tears coming.

I shook my head before burying my head in Ashton's chest

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