Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


12. 12

Alex's pov

I laughed and clutched onto Michael's neck as he spun me around

"What's happening?" Luke asked confused

"Well Alex here, just got a record deal with Hi or Hey records" Michael said proudly as I laughed

"Not yet, I have to go to the office on Friday to sign the contract."

"You're going right?" Ashton asked

"Of course!" I exclaimed and they all cheered

"Let's celebrate and order pizza!" Michael yelled

"We always order pizza" Calum laughed

"Yes but now we have an actual reason to eat junk" Michael replied and I shrugged

"Whatever go and order it" I shooed him and he laughed before heading inside.


It's now Friday and i'm as nervous as I could be. This could be my one big opportunity to be a star and if I mess it up, I'll be just another girl. Not that i'm not right now but it's just that I want to be someone that puts smile on people's face every time they do something. You know.... THAT someone. That special someone that can save lifes. Just like All time low did for me.

I sigh as I pushed open the heavy glass door before heading towards the waiting room. I sat down on the black leather chair and nervously rubbed my arms. I really want this and even if technically I already have it, cause i'm only here to sign the contract, I feel like i'm going to mess things up. Just like I did in the UK. Alex don't think like that.

"Alexis Green?" I looked up to see a tall man hovering over me. He had a black suit on and was really elegant. The kind of man who you know is rich off his head.

"You may come in" I nodded and followed him as he pushed doors opened and walked through many halls.

We finally arrived in front of two big wooden doors. I'm assuming the agent's office. I smiled as the big guy opened the doors for me.

"Alex! Come on in take a seat!" Mark, my agent, said

"Hey Mark" I greeted as I sat down on one of the chairs in front of his desk

"So, Alex, still up for this? You know, making music, touring around the world and collaborating with other pop stars?" Mark said as he made weird gestures with his hands.

"Of course! Although touring might not be in my plans for a couple of years since i'm barely starting" I said

"Don't worry about it. Starting or not, you'll be my star. Touring will be in your plans in a couple of months"

"Months?! Don't I need an album for that?" I asked nervously

"Yes. We'll work hard to make that happen. I see something good in you Alex. Something powerful" I nodded. This guy creeps me out, a lot.

"Now, ready to sign?" He asked pushing a document and a pen in front of me. I gulped as I took the pen. Do I really want to work my butt off for months just to tour? Of course I do. But do I really want to be exhausted all the time? Meh it's worth the shot.

I took a deep breath before signing the contract where it stipulates that I'll be giving 10% of the money i'll be making per month. That's okay, I'm not in it for the money anyway.

the second I finished signing, Mark tore the paper out of my hands and brought it to him. He examined it before placing it in his drawer.

"Good. now, I will call you sometime this weekend to talk about studio sessions. Have a great day alex" I smiled at him before getting up and heading towards the door

"Oh and Alex" I turned around

"Don't forget that you're my star Mark winked and I awkwardly smiled. I turned back around and opened the door before getting out and sighting in relief. That's done. 

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