Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


11. 11

Alex's pov

I groaned as I opened my eyes, hearing my phone blowing up

"What the heck it's 4 am" I whispered as I picked my phone

I looked at all my 1283 TWITTER NOTIFICATIONS OMG

I quickly unlocked my phone and opened my twitter app.

I had so much people following me and complimenting me. Why the heck would that be? I scrolled through my twitter and saw an interesting tweet

@Mikey Is my bae:

@HeyItsAlex Omg you are the BEST singer! Well appart from 5sos but still! Hope to see you on a real stage one day!


Then there was a video of me on the stage that night with Mikey. Oh that little devil.

I groaned and plopped my head back down on my pillow.


Michael's pov

"And flip" I whispered to myself as I flipped another pancake in the air

"Michael!" I jumped up and turned around, letting my pancake drop to the floor

"Alex! I was about to beat my own score!" I whined as I put the pan on the counter.

"Whatever. WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU POST A VIDEO OF ME SINGING?!" She asked yelling as she put her phone in my face. I took it from her as I looked through her twitter.

"Woah you almost have as much followers as I do!" I exclaimed and she laughed

"Not the problem here. Why would you put a video of me singing online?"

"You were great and I thought i'd put that up" I shrugged and she nodded

"okay but next time, tell me" I nodded and she hugged me

"Thanks for the pancake" She whispered in my ear before pulling away and running out of the kitchen with two of my delicious pancakes

"Damn it" I cursed as I took my three remaining pancakes and putting them in a plate


Ashton's pov

"Woah she is good" I said mesmerized as I looked at the screen in front of me where Alex was singing 'Holiday'.

"told ya" Calum and Luke mumbled as I pressed paused and locked my phone.

"And she never told us she could sing?" I asked as I put my feet back in the hot water.

"I guess not" Luke shrugged before jumping in the deep end of the pool

"Okay. I'll be back in two minutes I just need to go to the bathroom real quick" Calum and Luke nodded before I got up and rolled my jeans back down on my ankle. I rushed inside, almost knocking Michael and his food tray in the mean time

"Woah dude careful" He laughed as he perfectly balanced the tray on his right hand

"Sorry. Got to go!" I exclaimed as I jogged to the bathroom.

I quickly did my stuff and washed my hands before I got out

I walked down the hall, and just as I turned the corner to got to the kitchen, I saw Alex in her swimsuit on her phone by the counter

Play it cool. Play it cool

"Hey Alex" I smiled and she looked up from her phone.

"Ash hey! Are you coming outside with us?" She asked

"Uh yea, I was there just a few minutes ago. I had to go to the bathroom though" I mumbled as I felt my cheeks burning up. Alex laughed and I nervously smiled. Just as she was about to go outside, I stopped her

"alex wait!"

"Yea?" She asked as she turned around

"Uhm I wanted to ask you about a vid-" I got cut off by her phone ringing. I nodded for her to take it and smiled. She smiled back and answered



"Yes this is she"




"Oh my god okay uhm thank you so much!"


"Yes i'll see you next Friday. bye!" Alex hung up and looked at me smiling real big

"What's happening?" I asked as I saw her jumping up and down

"Come, i'll tell you outside with the boys" She said as she took my hand and dragged me outside towards the boys

"Guys I have some amazing news!" Alex exclaimed and I smiled. The boys and I all nodded for her to continue and she took a deep breath

"this was Hi or Hey records..." She said holding out her phone

"Oh my god. OH MY GOD ALEX" Michael screamed as he jumped out of the pool and hugged her real tight, lifting her from the ground


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