Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


10. 10

Alex's pov

"I wanna hear your band play one day" I say to Mikey as we all ate our desert

"Well they have a gig on saturday, how about you join them?" Daryl suggested and i nodded

"Dad, i was the one supposed to ask her." Mike mumbled crossing his arms over his chest and i laughed

"Sorry, your dad beat you to it" I grinned and he smirked

"Whatever. So how's it going with Ashton?" He asked with a cheeky grin playing on his lips

My mum chocked on her water and i glared at Michael

"I'm sorry, who?" Mum asked as she looked at me

" Ashton, my band mate. They kissed but nothing else happened since then" Michael shrugged and i sight

"Shut up will ya?" I groaned and my mum laughed

"Alex come on, laugh a bit" Mum said and i smiled

"But seriously what is he like?" she asked as she smiled at me

My mum's like my best friend, i can talk to her about everything and nothing and she understands me like nobody else does. I'm Lucky if you ask me.

"Uhm... Michael show her some pictures" Michael nodded and took out his phone before looking through his pictures

"Ah! got it." He showed my mum a picture and she smirked at me

"Okay i'll have to admit, he's cute. Plus he seems nice. I'll have to meet him though" I nodded and smiled at Michael, he winked back and i laughed

"don't worry, love. Ashton's a nice guy. Perfect for Alex may i add" Daryl said smiling at my mum. She nodded and took sip of her water

"How about i show you where our gig will be?" michael asked and i nodded furiously.

"Okay well let's go!" he exclaimed and i laughed before taking both our plates and putting them in the sink

"We'll be back in an hour approximately!" Michael shouted as he dragged me to the door.

"Mikey let me put my shoes on" I laughed and he blushed, letting go of my hand. I put on my black vans and reached for my phone on the couch before i joined Michael by the door

"Let's go" We walked to his car before sitting in it and driving off.


"Okay close your eyes" Michael said as we turned on a street.


"Cause we're close" I sight and nodded before completely closing my eyes. I felt the car coming to a full stop and Micahel's door opened then closed. A few seconds later, my door opened and i felt Michael holding my arm as he unbuckled me and pulled me out

"Mike you know my stability revolves around my vision?" i said as i almost fell down

"Shut up and trust me" He giggled. I suddenly felt hot hair hitting my body and guessed we were Inside the building.

"Okay open up" I opened my eyes and saw the coolest room ever. It was really dark with blue lights showing all of the Equipment for the band. there were chairs and table around the stage.

I walked around the room, looking at the drums, guitars and bass. This is like true paradise for me

"You like it?" Michael asked as he sat on the edge of the stage, patting beside him. I sat down beside me and we both looked in front of us

"I can't wait to hear you play" I said as i looked at Michael

"I can't wait to play" We smiled at each other

"Sing something" He blurted out before turning to look at me


"no the chair. Yes you dummy." We laughed and i shook my head

"I sound like a dying cow. You don't want me to sing." I laughed and he glared at me

"I'm sure you're absolutely amazing"

"Fine" I sight before getting up and walking to the guitars and taking the black and white one. Mike sat down at one of the tables and looked at me intensly as i approached the microphone

"Does it work?"I asked

"Try it"

I nodded and took a few steps and talking into the mic

"I like potatoes" I heard it all around me, telling me it worked. Mike gave me the thumbs up and i took a deep breath.

Come on Al.

"How about Holiday by greenday?" I asked shyly and Michael cheered.

"i guess that's a yes" I mumbled

I started with the guitar riff before singing.

"Hear the sound of the falling rain, coming down like an Armageddon flame

The shame, the ones who died without a name.

hear the dogs howling out of key, to an hymn called faith and misery,

and bleed the compagny lost the war today

i beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies,

this is the dawning of the rest of our lifes on HOLIDAY

Hear the dawn pouding out of time,

Another protestor has crossed the line,

to tie the moneys on the other side

Can i get another amen "AMEN" there's a flag wrapped around a score of men

a gag a plastic bag on a monument!

i beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies,

this is the dawning of the rest of our lives on HOLIDAY" I stopped singing and opened my eyes before laughing as i saw Michael standing there with his wide eyes and open mouth

"Was i that bad?"I asked and he shook his head furiously

"Oh my god" He mumbled


"She is so great at singing dad!" Michael screamed as i opened our front door

"I know right?! I've heard her sing in the shower multiple time!" Daryl yelled from upstairs

¸"Yea.. I always told her how great she was but she never believed me" Mum said coming in the living room. I blushed and looked down

Well this was not how i expected my thursday night to go

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