The Popular Project

Skylar Green was always lame and uncool. Ugly too. Her final project of the year is assigned at the end of her junior year so she has all summer to think about it. She chose popularity. Pretending to be someone else her entire senior year as Skype Noelle Miami. Of course she does end up being popular and making a ton of friends. Will someone find out that she is Skylar? Will she fall in love in the process? Read the popularity project by SnapLock to find out.


5. Two: Meeting w/ Principal Brenner

The cold liquid runs down my face. I quickly wash up knowing I am behind schedule today. Let's just say I woke up late. I look at the floor of the tub and see my red dye leaking out of my hair and onto the tub ground. Great I'll have to scrub that out later. I roll my eyes before continuing to clean myself. 


After my shower I get out and put on a pencil skirt and a white blouse. I throw on some heels and blow dry my red hair and put it into a ponytail. I slide my glasses on and grab my macbook, phone and notebook. I have created a presentation to show him. 


I go downstairs and put my things on the counter. 

"You're seriously gonna do this?" Bryce Asks.

"Obviously." I Say. 

"Okay have fun." Bryce Says. 

I hear the car horn and I walk outside and put my bag at my feet. 

"Ready?" Mom Asks.

"Of course." I Say. 

I buckle in as we pull out of the driveway. 

"You're dressed fancy." Mom says glancing at me.

"Yeah, I wanted to impress him." I Say.

"You're so smart." Mom Says.

I just smile and look out the window while nervously playing with my fingers. 




We enter the almost empty school and go straight into the main office. 

"Hello, I'm Mrs. Green Skylar's mom. We're here to meet with-"

"Of course. Right in there." The secretary says pointing. We both enter the office and sit down. 

"Skylar! Mrs. Green! Nice to see you" Mr. Brenner Says.

"Hello." Mom Says.

"Hi." I Say smiling.

"Okay so what is this meeting about?" Mr. Brenner Asks.

I explain the whole thing to him with a few minor interruptions from other people. 

"Great idea. I really like it!" Mr. Brenner Says.

"So I'll be schooled online until Christmas vacation then I'll start as Skype?" I Ask.

"Yes." Mr. Brenner Says.

"That is... Taking my amazing idea and tossing it in the trash! I am not compromising here!" I Say.

"Fine. You will be at school as Skylar for two weeks but a week into school there will be news that there's a new girl then you'll leave and Skype will join that next week." Mr. Brenner Says.

"Deal." I Say.

"Great just once you sign this paper you are officially Skype." Mr. Brenner Says. 

I sigh before signing the paper. Mr. Brenner puts it in his desk and smiles.

"Nice working with you Skype. See you in two months." Mr. Brenner Says smiling. 

Mom and I exit the office and I smile. 

I am so excited for this.




I change into sweat pants and a tank top before plopping onto my bed. Today was great but tiring. Mr. Brenner likes things his ways and I like things my way. We're very similar. In a creepy 40 year old man type of similar. 


I call Mae and she thankfully answers.

"Sup?" I Ask.

"Nothing you." Mae Says.

"Eh just kinda bored." I Say. 

"You should come over." Mae Says. 

"Can't." I Say. 

"You suck." Mae Says before the line goes dead. She's right, I'm a sucky friend. I mean I can't tell her about the assignment. Her knowing will ruing the whole thing. It stinks not being able to tell her. 




"How was you're day?" Dad Asks.

"Good." I Say. 

"Very good. She's going to be moving in with cousin Nina for her senior year." Mom Says. 

"What?" Dad Asks.

I explain the whole thing to him and he smiles. 

"Great thinking." Dad Says. 

My dad is very judgmental of people so for him to approve of something and think it's cool is amazing for me. 

"Did you tell Mae?" Mom Asks.

"If I tell her it'll ruin the whole thing. I can't." I Say pushing up my glasses.

"Well you're going to move in to Nina's in three days." Mom Says.

"Sounds good." I Say before taking a bite of my haddock.  

"Wait doesn't Nina live in California!?" Dad Asks.

"Uh yeah." I Say.

"That's all the way across the country!" Dad Says.

"Only 3 hours behind." I Say. 

"Tell me one good thing about leaving Massachusetts for California." Dad Says folding his hands.

"I don't have to dress in all warm clothes. No snow in Cali." I Say.

"I guess that's a good idea. I mean it gets cold here." Dad Says.

"Ha, yeah no more 32 Fahrenheit 0 Celsius." I Say. 

"Yeah, you better get packing." Mom Says.

I run upstairs and pull out suitcases and bags. This is going to be so exciting. 


I pack a ton of things. Not really a lot of clothes but mainly my electronics and such. This is going to  be so fun.

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