The Popular Project

Skylar Green was always lame and uncool. Ugly too. Her final project of the year is assigned at the end of her junior year so she has all summer to think about it. She chose popularity. Pretending to be someone else her entire senior year as Skype Noelle Miami. Of course she does end up being popular and making a ton of friends. Will someone find out that she is Skylar? Will she fall in love in the process? Read the popularity project by SnapLock to find out.


6. Three: Moving into Nina's house

I lug my bags in the house and groan. 

"Tired?" Nina Asks.

"Obviously." I Say.

"Well let's bring these bags upstairs." Nina Says.

'Upstairs!?" I Ask.

"There's an elevator." Nina chuckles.

"Thank the lord." I Say bringing my bags to the elevator with Nina. 

We ride up in the elevator as well and take the bags into my new room. 

"Like the room?" Nina Asks.

"Yeah." I Say setting my bags down. 

"Okay I ordered some blue colored contacts for you." Nina Says.

"Why contacts?" I Ask.

"The colors will make people not see you but see Skype. Plus those glasses need to go!" Nina Says.

I shrug my shoulders before flopping on my new bed. 

"Why are you sitting down!? You need to start working out!" Nina Says.

"WHAT!? Excersize?" I Ask. 

"Yes." Nina Says. I groan before standing up. I change into some shorts and a t-shirt with some random nike sneakers. 

"Great let's go outside." Nina Says. 

We go out back and do sit ups, push ups, cartwheels, squats and running around the house multiple times. 




I grab a granola bar from the cabinet and chow it down so quickly. I got here at noon and she's been making me work out since 12:30 and now it's 7:45. Like thanks! 

"Come on we're going to buy hair dye." Nina Says. 

I arch an eyebrow. "Why?" I Ask.

"You need to look hot and sexy not... you." Nina Says.

"That hurts." I Say. 

We get in her car and drive to a beauty care store. We go in and buy tons of stuff. After we go to the mall and buy a ton of clothes. 

"This stuff won't fit." I Say looking at everything while we drive back to Nina's.

"That's why you work out." Nina Says. 

"Gross." I Say. 

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