The Popular Project

Skylar Green was always lame and uncool. Ugly too. Her final project of the year is assigned at the end of her junior year so she has all summer to think about it. She chose popularity. Pretending to be someone else her entire senior year as Skype Noelle Miami. Of course she does end up being popular and making a ton of friends. Will someone find out that she is Skylar? Will she fall in love in the process? Read the popularity project by SnapLock to find out.


9. Six: Suspended Already!?

{{A/N: The fact that it's the 6th aka the day I posted the first part of this story. And I'm on chapter 6. This shows how lame af I am.}}


I enter the school with Dken, Hayden and Sienna. "I'm so tired." Dken Whines.

"Me too." I Say. 

We go to our lockers and they aren't very close to each other. Mine is next to Maya's. 

"Hi Skype. How was you're weekend?" Maya Asks.

"Don't talk to me freak!" I Say before pushing her into the lockers. Tears roll down her face and I kick her. 

"Wimp." I Say walking away. 

"Nice job." Dken Says.

"Thanks." I Say.

"So did you and Luke...??" Sienna Asks.

"Yeah." I Say. 

"How was it?" Hayden Asks.

"Great." I Say.

"You fit in so perfectly. Anyway there's another party this Friday at Harry's and then another on Saturday at Luke's." Dken Says.

"Sweet." I Smile. 

We go over to the guys and I smile at Luke. "Hello." Luke Says. 




"Skype why are you acting like this!?" Nina Asks.

"Like what?" I Ask.

"You got suspended!" Nina Says. "On you're second week of school!" She adds.

"Oh no big deal." I Say. 

"No big deal!? What happened to Skylar? The girl who would cry if she missed a day of school! The 4.0 gpa! Straight A's! Now you are flunking, drink alcohol, bully people and smoke!" Nina Says.

"People grow up. I'm not that kid anymore." I Say. 

"That kid!? You're 17 years old! Smoking drugs is illegal anyway but you're under 18 so smoking anything is illegal." Nina Says.

"Sorry what? All I heard was blah blah blah." I Say.

"Your ridiculous. I'm calling your mom when we get back." Nina Says. 

"Whatever." I Say. We pull int and I go straight to my room.My phone rings and I answer it. 


"Skype did you get suspended?" Dken Asks.

"Yeah." I Say.

"Lucky!" Dken Shouts.

"I know right!" I Say.

"No school for a week. Maybe I can ditch and we can do something." Dken Says.

"Yeah maybe." I Say. 

"Anyway at lunch all Luke talked about was Friday night and you." Dken Says.

"Really?" I Ask.

"Yeah he said you're totally fuckable." Dken Chuckles.

"Ha of course I am." I Say. 

"Tomorrow I'm coming to your house at 9:30 am and we're gonna hang out." Dken Says.

"Okay." I Say.

"Gotta go. Bye." Dken Says.

"Bye." I Say. The line goes quiet so I put my phone down. 

"Here, your mom wants to talk to you." Nina Says coming in and handing me the phone.


"Hi." I Say.

"Hi Skylar." Mom Says.

"What?" I Ask.

"Don't what me. You know what." Mom Says.

"No I don't." I Say.

"You got suspended!" Mom Says.


"Skylar! If you get in trouble 3 more times you're coming home." Mom Says.

"Um okay." I Chuckle.

"I'm serious!" Mom Shouts.

"Whatever." I Say hanging up. I toss the phone to Nina.


"I'm going to work. See you later." Nina Says. 

"Bye." I Say. She leaves and I text Luke. 


Me: Heyyy.

Luke: Hi?

Me: Wanna come over?

Me: I'm lonely.

Luke: Ha ha booty call? Is that wut this is?

Me: Maybe. I'm home alone ;'-(

Luke: b over in 15.

Me: Ty. c u soon. 

Luke: Bye..


I plug my phone into the charger and fix my hair. Three words.








{{A/N: Bad chappie I KNOW! It's like 12:30 am and I have to get to sleep at some point and I like posting chapters before I go to bed. Anyway more updates tomorrow. Like 4972974 probably bc it's Monday and Labor day so no school tomorrow! That means lots of updates! Your very welcome. Also I am gonna start doing song of the chapters. Instead of a whole playlist just a song for each chapter. If I added songs to the previous chapters already than just ignore this. Anyway ttyl I love you guys so much! Fave, like and comment if you would! BYEEE}}


~Katy DeSesa~





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