The Popular Project

Skylar Green was always lame and uncool. Ugly too. Her final project of the year is assigned at the end of her junior year so she has all summer to think about it. She chose popularity. Pretending to be someone else her entire senior year as Skype Noelle Miami. Of course she does end up being popular and making a ton of friends. Will someone find out that she is Skylar? Will she fall in love in the process? Read the popularity project by SnapLock to find out.


10. Seven: Car Accident!!!

{{A/N: Some of you may be flipping out because of the chapter name.}}


I open my eyes and Dken is standing over me. "You're finally awake." Dken Says. 

"Uh yeah, why are you here?" I Ask rubbing my eyes. 

"I said I was coming over today." Dken Says. 

"Oh yeah." I Say. 

"Now get up and take a shower." Dken Says.

"Why?" I Ask.

"We're going to Luke's and your legs are hairy as fuck." Dken Chuckles. 

"Ha ha okay." I Say getting out of bed. I walk over to my dresser and grab shorts and a crop top. I go into my bathroom and get in the water. I wash myself before doing what Dken said and shaving my legs. Eh who cares it's part of life. 

I get out and dry off before changing into my outfit. I exit the bathroom and do my hair and makeup before slipping my converse on. 

"Ready?" Dken Asks.

"Uh yeah I think." I Say. I grab my phone and we go outside. 

"Where's your car?" I Ask.

"I didn't bring it. Can we take your car?" Dken Asks.

"Sure." I Say. We climb in the car and I start it up. 

We begin driving to Luke's house and listening to their songs. 

"They are really talented. They should audition for X-Factor." I Say.

"They are talented. They won't audition for that show because they want to be a band not one of those X-Factor bands." Dken Says.

"Understandable." I Say running a hand through my hair.


I change it to I really like you cover by Against the current. We both start headbanging and singing.


I really really really really really like you.


Dken laughs at me. 

"No judgey." I Say.

"I won't." Dken Says.

"You're great." I Say.

"What do you mean?" Dken Asks.

"Most people that are popular like us that I've met are rude. You aren't." I Say.

"Cause you're in my group so I'm not mean." Dken Says.

"Awe thanks babe I feel special." I Say putting a hand on my head and looking at her. 

"Can I tell you something?" Dken Asks.

"What?" I Ask.

"Well I don't usually have full on relationships with people but I really love Calum but he just sees me as a bad buddy." Dken Says.

"We'll have to change that." I Say. 

"Thanks Sky." Dken Says.

I gulp when she calls me Sky. 

"Something wrong?" Dken Asks.

"No, I just hate when people call me Sky. It reminds me of this ugly loser at my old school named Skylar." I Say. 

"Oh okay. I'll just call you Skype then." Dken Says.

"Thanks." I Say. 


"I like you Skype." Dken Says.

"I feel touched." I Say. 

"Oh my god stopppp." Dken Says. 

We both start singing Saturday Night by Simple plan. I look over at her and headbang. 

"SKYPE!" Dken Yells! I look ahead and try to steer away but we both crash into a mini van in front of us. 






"Hey where's Dken and Skype?" Harry Asks.

"No idea." I Say. 

"Just got a text from Dken. They got in a car crash!" Calum Says.

"WHAT!" I Yell. 

"Yeah she says their at Memorial Hospital!" Calum Says. 

"Let's go!" I Scream. I grab my keys and my jacket and run outside. We all get in the car and we start speeding to the hospital. Amazingly we don't get a ticket. We run inside and go right up to the front desk.

"Skype Miami!" I Say. 

"We don't have a Skype Miami." 

"What!? Who is the newest patient in here?"

"Skylar Green she was driving with Dken."

"Okay room?" 

"Relation?" She Asks.

"B-boyfriend." I Say. 

"Room 112." She Says. 

Who is Skylar and where is Skype?

I run straight to #112. I walk in and there's a doctor by Skype. "Dken!" I Say. 

"Hey Luke." Dken Says putting her hands in her pockets. 

"What the hell happened?" I Ask.

"We were on our way to your house when we were jamming out to music. Skype wasn't paying attention so we crashed." Dken Says.

"And you're okay!?" I Ask.

"I have a few bruises and cuts. A cast on my arm, other than that I am okay." Dken Sighs.

"What about Skype?" I Ask. 

Dken looks over at her then back at me. 

"She has a broken arm, a broken ankle, bruised ribs, bruised lips, a few minor cuts on her face and a huge cut on her right leg, they had to stitch it up. And to tie that all together she's going to have to stay here for a few days." Dken Says.

"That sucks!" I Say. 

"Excuse me who are you?" Dr. Nelson Asks.

"I'm Luke. Hemmings." I Say.

"Relation?" Dr. Nelson Asks.

"Boyfriend." I Say. 

Dken goes wide eye and I mouth "explain later" 

"Okay Luke, I have some explaining to do. Dken can you step in the hall?" Dr. Nelson Asks.

Dken nods her head before exiting. 


"Okay Skylar is asleep right now but look at these x-ray's. What do you see?" Dr. Nelson Asks.

"A broken arm, broken ankle." I Say.

"Yes, now come look at her lips." Dr. Nelson Says.

We walk over to Skype and he points to her face.

"She must have crashed and her face flew forward and hit the steering wheel." Dr. Nelson Says.

"What about the air bag?" I Ask.

"It didn't inflate. If it did it would've helped some of this damage. She's in a mini coma right now. Should wake up soon hopefully." Dr. Nelson Says.

"Okay. Can I stay here overnight?" I Ask.

"Let me ask my boss. You can stay in here." Dr. Nelson says before leaving.


I sit on a chair near Skype. "Skype, who's Skylar? They keep calling you Skylar. I only said I was you're boyfriend so I could get in here. Plus we just met but I kinda like you. You're nice, smart, beautiful and not like the other girls at school. You're different. You said your from Hawaii but you don't seem like you are. You have a bit of a Boston accent. No way you got that in Hawaii. Skype have you ever been in love? What does it feel like? I've never had an official relationship except for when I was 12. I hope you wake up soon. I'm going to kiss you now." I Say before kissing her on the lips.


I sigh before looking at the ground and tapping my feet against the floor. 

Dr. Nelson comes back with a moveable bed, blankets, pillows and a remote. He puts it near the windows in the side of the room. 

"The RN said you can stay overnight. You can sleep in that bed if you wish. This red button is to call for the nurses. I am leaving in 20 minutes so it will be a different doctor next time you see one. The remote is for that tv. Do you need to go home and get anything?" Dr. Nelson Says.

"Thank you and no, I have some things in the car I'll bring in though." I Say.

"Okay, Skylar is very lucky to have you." Dr. Nelson Says.

"Uh yeah, about her. Why do you keep calling her Skylar?" I Ask.

"Her name is Skylar Green, that's all I can reveal about her for now." Dr. Nelson Says.

"Okay thank you. I'm going to go grab that stuff in my car." I Say. I leave the building and go to my car. I grab my laptop and little stuffed monkey I have. NO it's not for me it's for Skype. 

I go back to her room and put my laptop down. I go over to Skype and put the monkey next to her. 

"That's for you. I've had that since I was born. It means a lot to me. Goodnight. See you in the morning." I Say before kissing her and going back to my bed. I set it up, kick my shoes off and sit on it before turning the TV on. 

I open my laptop and go onto Twitter. God Skype I hope you wake up soon. 





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