The Popular Project

Skylar Green was always lame and uncool. Ugly too. Her final project of the year is assigned at the end of her junior year so she has all summer to think about it. She chose popularity. Pretending to be someone else her entire senior year as Skype Noelle Miami. Of course she does end up being popular and making a ton of friends. Will someone find out that she is Skylar? Will she fall in love in the process? Read the popularity project by SnapLock to find out.


12. Nine: Answers

a/n: sorry for the late update. 


Skype's POV


I look at Luke thinking if I should say yes or no. "Luke, I'm sorry---"


Luke cuts me off by smacking his lips onto mine. He pulls away and I smile, grabbing his hand. "Yes." I Say. Luke puts the silver bracelet on my wrist and I look at it. 


"It's beautiful." I Say. 

"Just like you." Luke says smiling, making me blush. 




"Can I ask you why they called you Skylar?" Luke asks.


"Long story." I Say. 


"I have more than enough time." Luke smiles.


"I am Skylar. Green. Nerd, ugly, unpopular, smart, red hair, fat." I Say.


"What!? No." Luke says.


"No joke. I am dead serious." i Say.


"But she's ugly and you're so gorgeous." Luke says. 


"I tell nothing but the truth." I Say sighing.


"Um okay." Luke says looking at the wall.


"You hate me now, right?" I Ask.


"No." Luke mumbles.


"Don't lie." I Say. 


"I'm not sure." Luke says.


"Not sure of what?" I Ask.


"Not sure if I do love you." Luke says.


"Just get out! Now." I Say. Luke sighs and leaves. He just asks me out then doesn't know if he likes me now that I tell him I am Skylar. 


I lay down and think about how I'm going to have to go back to Massachusetts. I guess it's for the better. 




"Skype, wake up. Mom's on the phone." Nina says. 


I sit up and grab the phone. Nina leaves and I put the phone up to my ear. "Yes?" I Ask.


"Skylar. I heard that one of your friends found out. Is that true?" Mom asks.


"Yes." I Sigh. 


"You know you're going to have to come home." Mom says.


"I know, when?" I Ask.


"You can stay until Christmas. Then you're coming home." Mom says.


"Okay so about 20 days." I Say.


"Yes. I'll pay for your ticket." Mom says.


"Okay." I Say quietly.


"See you soon." Mom Says. 


"Bye." I Say before hanging up. 


Nina takes the phone and leaves my room. Great I am leaving in 20 days. It's December 5 and Christmas is the 25 so that can only mean 20 days. 


I call all of my friends and explain to them everything that happened and what is happening. 


"Ew, you're her?" Dken asks.


They hang up on me and I throw my phone at the wall. Ugh I want to go home now! Not in 20 days!


a/n: Yes this is no longer on hold! I will be updating more often BUT this will be ending soon only because she's heading home soooo yeah! There will MOST LIKELY be a sequel so uh yeah! Like, fave and comment. love y'all. 


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