The Popular Project

Skylar Green was always lame and uncool. Ugly too. Her final project of the year is assigned at the end of her junior year so she has all summer to think about it. She chose popularity. Pretending to be someone else her entire senior year as Skype Noelle Miami. Of course she does end up being popular and making a ton of friends. Will someone find out that she is Skylar? Will she fall in love in the process? Read the popularity project by SnapLock to find out.


8. Five: Friday night at a party!?

I run my hands through my hair before tying it up into my usual style. 

"Want to watch a movie?" Nina Asks.

"No thanks." I Say.

"Ugh why?" Nina Asks.

"Gonna go on tumblr." I lie. 

"Whatever." Nina says walking away. 

I put on my outfit (Link will be in the comments) and look in the mirror. I look good enough I suppose. 

My phone lights up so I check my messages.


I'm outside. ~Dken


I decide to reply back.


Be out in a sec. ~Skype


I open my window as much as I can and sit on the edge. Dken, Sienna and Hayden are setting up a latter. I climb down the latter and we all get into the car parked out front. 

"You look sexy." Hayden Says.

"Thanks you too." I Say. 

We pull away from my house. "Have you been to a party before?" Harry Asks glancing back every few seconds.

"Yeah, all the time." I Say. 

"Cool." Harry Says. 




We park near Luke's house before we all climb out and walk into his house. 

"Hey this is our song." Louis Says smiling.

and I've got a jet black heart and there's a hurricane underneath it trying to keep us apart.

Kind of catchy. I suppose Calum, Harry, Louis and Luke are in a band together. Their pretty punk rock. 

"Hey guys." Luke Says coming over to us. 

"Hey!" Sienna Smiles. Everyone immediately goes to the kitchen and grabs alcohol while the next song plays. 

"Want something to drink?" Luke Asks holding out a beer. 

"Sure, thanks." I Say grabbing it. I open it and take a small sip. My throat burns but I suck it up. 

I look over my shoulder and see Dken wrapping her arms around Calum's neck. #Cken awe how cute. 

"You want that? We can re-act that." Luke Says before coming over and putting his hands on my waist. 

Dken looks over and winks at me. I just turn around and walk away from Luke. 




"Y-you're so h-hot." Luke slurs coming over to me. 

"You t-too." I Say. I fall onto him and he wraps his arms around my waist. 

"I-i have a great idea. Follow me." Luke Says grabbing my hand and pulling my up the stairs. We enter what looks like his bedroom and he immediately shuts the door and locks it. The music is still loud from up here. 

"W-what are we doing?" I Slur.

"Whatever you want, princess." Luke Says. 

"Kiss me."  I say giggling. Why the hell am I giggling?

He puts down his beer bottle and comes over and kisses me. I can smell his beer breath but don't care. 

"Skype you're beautiful." Luke Says.

"Shh don't talk." I Say. 

He continues to kiss me and run his hands through my hair as I hold his head in my hands. He takes my shirt off and I take his "misfits" shirt off too. I kick my heels off and he takes off my shorts. 

I lay down and he hovers over me and continues to kiss me. 

"Don't stop." I say. 



{{A/N: This chapter was kind of boring.. Nothing eventful went on during this chapter. You could skip it and not be lost. I mean except for the fact that Luke and Skype kinda hooked up.. Anyway fave and like if you haven't!!! Love you <3 Byeeee}}


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