Le'Strange the not-so-death-eater

Emma Lestrange. What can you say? She's a girl. She's different. And she's got a hell of a lot of crap being thrown at her.


3. Chapter two

Third person POV

Emerald woke up on a foggy morning to an owl tapping on the grey-lined window, Daily prophet clutched in its claws. She threw the black blanket off herself to reveal her pajamas, which consisted of a grey spaghetti strap tank top and pink and blue plaid shorts, walked on the rough grey carpet to the window, and widened her eyes when she read the first head-line; POTTER FACING TRIAL FOR USE OF THE PATRONUS CHARM IN FRONT OF A MUGGLE. She ran to her "uncle" Sirius's room and rapped on the door three times and it was opened by a groggy looking Sirius.


"I think Harry's been attacked."

"By who?"

"Dementors." She showed him the paper and his eyes widened.

"Get Arthur and Remus to the kitchen. Now!" She didn't need to be told twice. She ran into Remus's room and threw water on him with "Augumenti"


"Kitchen. Now."


"Harry. Danger. Kitchen. NOW!" Emma said, her voice rising in annoyance. Remus ran to the kitchen faster than you can say "Quidditch". Then she went to Molly and Arthur's room, the door was opened by an Arthur who looked like he just finished getting ready for work.

"Sirius needs you in the kitchen. It's about Harry."

"Thank you, Emma." Said Arthur before speed-walking down to the kitchen. Emerald made to follow but was grabbed by waist as she passed the twins room and found herself in a pitch-black room. She was now violently frightened, knowing that the twins had some pranks she would not want to be on the receiving end of.

"F-Fred? George? What is this?" She felt hands on her shoulders and allowed herself to bed led to a bed. She felt another person plop down beside her.

"Didn't mean to scare you, Em." He said, kissing her forehead. "But what do think of this as a prank?" She recognized the voices her secretly-more-than-friend George.

"As long as it's not being used on me, it's pretty cool. Imagine Filch! What is it?"

"Peruvian instant darkness powder, we got it-"

"-from Peru?"

"Yeah." Then the light came back. Fred smirked at us, George had his arm around me and our thighs were touching.

"Alright, lovebirds-"

"Fred!" George and I scolded, jumping away from each other.

"-we have a meeting to listen to." He finished as if we had not interrupted him.

"I already know what it's about." I said.

"What?!" Fred and George asked eagerly.

"Harry was attacked by dementors and has to have a trial for using the patronus charm in front of a muggle. Apparently the ministry failed to notice the dementor that would of sucked out his soul or he wouldn't have a trial."

"Oh." Said Fred.

"Not as exciting as you hoped?" I asked.

"Nope." Said George, popping the P.

"Breakfast!" Called Molly.

We walked down to the kitchen and I sat between Hermione and George. I ate a blueberry muffin and a few pieces of bacon with some orange juice. Just as I finished my breakfast Mrs.Weasley spoke.

"We'll be bringing Harry here this afternoon."

The reactions were all happy, but on different scales.

"Test subject number three?"- George in my ear.

"Oh."- Ginny. While blushing fiercely

"Finally!"- Ron.

"I've missed him."- Hermione.

"YES!!!"- Sirius.

"Hope the muggles have been treating him right."- Remus

The rest of the day passed in a blitz.


I led Harry to Ron and Hermione's room, closed the door, and put my ear up to it.

"We over-heard them talking about the dementor attack, you simply must tell us everything!" Said Hermione.

"Let the man breathe, Hermione." Said Ron.

"What is this place?" Asked Harry.

"Headquarters." Said Ron.

"For the order of the phoenix. It's a secret society. Dumbledore formed it back when they first fought you-know-who." Said Hermione.

Couldn't have put any of this in a letter I suppose? I've gone all summer without a scrap of news." Said Harry.

"We wanted to mate, we really did! Only-" Ron started.

"Only what?" Asked Harry.

"Only Dumbledore made us aware not to tell you anything!" Said Hermione.

"Dumbledore said that? Why would he want to keep me in the dark? Maybe I could help, after all I was the one who saw Voldemort return, I was the one who saw Cedric Diggory killed-"

The twins then apparated into the room.

"Thought we heard you shouting." Said Fred.

"Don't bottle it up mate, let it out." Said George

"Anyway, if you're all done shouting-"

"Would you like to here something a little more interesting?"

The six of us walked to the square opening in the staircases and got out an extendable ear.

"If anyone has a right to know it's Harry! If it weren't for him we wouldn't even know Voldemort was back!"


"He's not your son, Molly!"

"He's as good as! Beside, who else has he got?"

"He's got me!"

"How touchingly paternal, Black, maybe Potter will turn out to be a convict just like his godfather."

"Snape's a part of the order?" Asked Harry.

"Git." I murmured.

"Butt out, Snivellis!"

Then Crookshanks started eating the ear, despite Hermione's protests.

"Hermione I hate your cat." Said Ron.

"Dinner time!" Called Mrs.Weasley. Fred and George apparated on either side of her.

"Oh! Just because you're aloud to use magic now does NOT mean you have to whip your wands out for everything!" She scolded.

"Hi, Molly." I murmured as I walked past her.

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