Le'Strange the not-so-death-eater

Emma Lestrange. What can you say? She's a girl. She's different. And she's got a hell of a lot of crap being thrown at her.


6. Chapter four

(Switch POV to Emma)

The next morning I woke up to a wave of fresh water in my face and lots of laughing.

"Cho!" I exclaimed.

"Sorry," she said," but they made me!" She then pointed to my used-to-be favorite people in the world; the weasley twins.

"Guys!" I moaned.

"What?" They asked innocently. I sighed and stood up, revealing my white tank-top and Ravenclaw pajama shorts.

"Leave so I can change," I said, pointing to the door. The twins obliged, laughing girlishly the whole way out.

"How did they even get in here?" I asked Cho once they were out.

"Luna told them the answer to the riddle for this semester, she thought that your lover twin was going to surprise you," said Cho, smirking when she said 'lover twin'.

I slapped her lightly on the shoulder.

"Shut up," I said, my face becoming a tomato field. Cho laughed quietly. I quickly changed into grey pants that the muggles call 'jeggings', a black skin-tight short-sleeved blouse, put my Ravenclaw robes over my clothes, and pinned on my prefects badge and Quidditch captain badge (a/n: Lol! I forgot to tell you that she was quidditch captain!).

Cho screamed with excitement when she saw the captains badge.

"We have a chance this year!" She exclaimed when she saw my eyebrow raise as I finished putting my hair into a fluffy ponytail.

That's only if I can find any good players, I thought, but I didn't say that for her sake. After a few moments of awkward silence Cho suggested we head down to the great hall and I agreed. We walked down to the Ravenclaw table and I was quickly separated from cho by the people of my house from 2nd year and up asking me about the quidditch team. Once I sat down at the end of the table by Luna, my best friend, the people left and gave me looks, some disbelieving, some confused, and some pitying. I was used to those looks by now. You see, Luna is the 'weirdo of hogwarts'. People call her 'looney Lovegood' because she believes in different things and her dad runs a magazine called the Quibler. Puh-lese. As if they don't already go to a school for MAGIC WIZARDS! Luna ate some Vanilla pudding for breakfast without looking up from her magazine and I had a few pancakes and stuffed a chocolate chip cookie in the pocket inside my robes. When the food disappeared Luna put her magazine in her big pocket and grabbed the schedule that Flitwick had magically passed out to the Ravenclaws.

"I've got history of Magic first, you?" I asked Luna.

"I've got care of Magical creatures. I do hope that Hagrid will include the crumple horned Snornack." She said in her dreamy voice.

"Yeah…" I said awkwardly. Luna and I may be best friends, but that doesn't mean I believe in all the stuff she does. "Mm-k. I'll be off now."

On my way to class I passed Fred and George who both grinned at me, Fred in the I-look-evil-but-I'm-not-so-lets-plan-a-prank-after-school way that only he could pull off and George in the I-love-you-so-much-I-just-want-to-kiss-right-now way that I was glad to see. I gave both of them a friendly smile and nod of acknowledgement and continued walking to professor Binns's class with the Hufflepuffs.

"Excuse me," said a small voice next to me. I looked down only to see a first year Hufflepuff.

"Yeah?" I asked kindly.

"Um, I'm Stephanie and i, uh, just don't know where Transfiga- transfigur- trans-"

"Transfiguration?" I asked politely, mentally giggling.

"Uh-huh!" She said happily.

"Follow me," I said, grabbing the little girl's hand. I walked at a faster pace than her because my legs were longer so she skipped. We got to McGonagal's classroom just as the bell rang. I cursed myself mentally and opened the door just as a cat jumped on the desk. I smiled.

"Good morning Professor, I'll just be going now," I said, dropping Stephanie's hand and exiting the room. Just as I turned around the cat bumped my leg with its head and I grabbed a note out of her teeth.

"How did you know I would be coming here?" I asked. The cat winked at me. I shook my head with a smile and left the room, running down the hallway and...

Straight into peeves.

"Emmy Deathy late for classy?"

"Dammit Peeves!" I said agitatedly.

"Feisty one are we?" He said mockingly.

"No need for name calling," said a calm cool voice. I felt a grin slip into my face.

"Helena, how nice to finally see you," I said.

"Same to you Emerald. Why don't you go to class now, while I speak to Peeves." It was formed as a question but it felt like a command. I walked away and heard Helena scolding, "I don't know about you, Poltergeist, but in my day men treated women with respect and courtesy..."

I had a feeling this would be my last run in with peeves for a long while. After that I went to professor Binns's class, who apparently didn't notice my absence or entrance, and got bored out of my mind. After Binns's class I saw Neville in the corridor and jogged to meet him.

"Hey, Neville."

"Hi, Emma," he said.

"What's your next class?" I asked conversationally.

"Charms," he said sighing. "With the Hufflepuffs."

"I've got Arithmecy."

"'Kay, this is it." He said stopping at Flitwick's door.

"See ya later, Neville!" I called out, waving as I walked away. After Neville entered the room I checked the time and cursed under my breath. I quickly started jogging towards the fourth floor Arithmacy classroom. When I reached the classroom I grabbed Katie, who was just about the close the door. We slipped silently into a two person desk just as the bell rang and the professor came from his private study. Katie and I watched, listened, and took notes with extreme concentration and interest. After Arithmacy was over Katie and I walked to Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) which was held with Gryffindors and Ravenclaws.

"So, Emerald, I noticed that lately you've been spending more time with the twins recently, specifically George. Care to share?" She asked, wiggling her eyebrow at the last question. I didn't want anyone to know about me and George because we both knew someone would tell the press and they would blow it out of proportion. I commanded myself to pull it together and the blush on my cheeks subsided but I was still pale. Well, I have naturally pale skin, so paler than usual.

"What Are you talking about?" I asked Katie.

"Well, you never hang with me anymore and all we talk about is quidditch and whatever the bloody hell we did over the summer!"

A grin slipped it's way onto my face as I found a way to change the subject.

"I'm the Ravenclaw quidditch captain."

Katie squealed, "I knew it would be you! But...wait. That means we're enemies."

"We've always been enemies on the quidditch pitch, Katie. I was always assigned by my captain to keep an eye on you since I was the only chaser who knew what I was doing."

"You know what I mean! This is Angie's first, and probably only, shot at winning the tournament!"

"It's my first-" I began, but my voice was cut off when I saw the whole new DADA room.

Yes, I have DADA classes with the seventh years, after McGonagal did an overview of my grades which she had heard Flitwick compliment me on, she put in the NEWT classes. I received private lessons from professor Snape (yup sour grape Snape!) and after a few lessons he had taken a liking to me and that had probably saved the Ravenclaw house many points. Anyways, Snape would give me lessons on the things I needed for OWLs and next year I would be taking my NEWTs early and graduate at sixth year. But I would be seventeen because of the date of my birthday.

"Good afternoon!" The professor exclaimed when the last two people (me and Katie) had slipped into the room and found our spots in the last two-person desk in between the Twins, me sitting next to George and Katie next to Fred. A few eager Ravenclaws replied back, but other than that, there was no sound. She smiled in a fake way.

"Was that so hard? Now, wands away and quills out."

Katie and I exchanged gloomy looks. The order wands away had never yet been followed by a lesson either of us had found interesting. Katie and I shoved our wands inside of our bags and pulled out our quills, ink, and parchment. Umbridge opened her little pink handbag extracted her own wand which was extremely short and tap the blackboard sharply with it and words appeared on the board at once.

dєfєnѕє αgαínѕt thє dαrk αrtѕ :

α rєturn tσ вαѕíc príncípαlѕ

"Well, you're teaching in this subject has been rather disrupted and fragmented, hasn't it?"Stated professor Umbridge turning to face the class with your hands clasped neatly in front of her."The constant changing of teachers, many of whom do not seem to have followed any ministry approved curriculum, has unfortunately resulted in you being far far below the standard we would expect to see in your NEWT year. You'll be pleased to know, however I am sure, that these problems are now to be rectified. We will be following a carefully structured, theory centered, ministry approved course of defensive magic. Copy down the following, please."

She tapped the blackboard again; the first message vanished and was replaced by:

cσurѕє αímѕ:

1. undєrѕtαndíng thє príncíplєѕ undєrlчíng dєfєnѕívє mαgíc

2. lєαrníng tσ rєcσgnízє ѕítuαtíσnѕ ín whích dєfєnѕívє mαgíc cαn lєgαllч вє uѕєd

3.plαcíng thє uѕє σf dєfєnѕívє mαgíc ín α cσntєхt fσr prαctícαl uѕє.

For a couple of moments the room was full of the sound of scratching quills on parchment everyone a copy down professor Umbridges three course aims she said, "Has everybody got a copy of D͟͟e͟͟f͟͟e͟͟n͟͟s͟͟i͟͟v͟͟e͟͟ M͟͟a͟͟g͟͟i͟͟c͟͟a͟͟l͟͟ T͟͟h͟͟e͟͟o͟͟r͟͟y͟͟ by Wilbert Slinkhard?"

There were murmurs of assent around the room. Then the toad smiled, which was a dis-gust-iNG sight.

"I think we'll try that again. And remember it is proper etiquette to respond to a question by saying, yes professor Umbrige or, no professor Umbridge. Now, hem hem, does everyone have a copy of Defensive Magical Theory by William Slinkhard?"

"Yes, Professor Umbridge." Rang around the room. I had quietly said "Umbitch" but it looked as if no one had noticed.

"Wonderful, now please turn to page five and read chapter one. Basics for Beginners."

Little miss pink toad moved away from the blackboard and sat behind her desk watching us with her toady eyes.

The chapter was desperately dull, far worse than even Binns in my opinion, considering I had learned all this in first year. I kept rereading the first paragraph but barely took in a few words. Several silent minutes past. Next to me, Katie was turning her quill and speeding through the fifth page with eyebrows furrowed. I looked to the front of room and just about had a panic attack. Angelina, one of the best students in her year, had not opened her copy of the book and was staring at Umbridge with her hand in the air, tapping her fingers silently against the side of her desk. As she looked around the room I gave her a questioning look and she gave me an 'I'm not answering any questions' look. After a few minutes passed about three quarters of the class were staring at Angelina's attempts to catch Umbridges eye rather than struggle on with the chapter. Professor Umbridge finally looked at Angelina and put together an obviously fake happy face on.

"Do you have a question about the chapter, dear?" She asked.

"Not about the chapter, no, but your course aims."

"Well we're just reading the chapter today. And as for my course aims, I believe if you read through them carefully it's easy to understand."

"Well, I don't. There's nothing in there about *using* defensive magic."

"Well, I don't see why you would need to use defensive magic in my classroom."

"We're not gonna use magic?" I piped up from my spot in the back row.

"We will be using a safe, ministry approved curriculum based on theory only."

"Okay, I don't get that at all, but if it's theory for NEWTs then why are we reading about stuff from first year?" I fired back quickly.

"We are going back to the basic of defensive magic. Your teaching has been extremely unsatisfactory at best. Taught by a werewolf no less!" She said.

"If your talking about professor Lupin," George said next to me, his face showing anger," you should know that he's the best teachers we've ever had."

Umbitch rolled her eyes. "I'm he would have you believe that, but according my files the only teacher that has used Ministry approved curriculum is Professor Quirrel-"

"Oh yeah," I said, sarcasm oozing out of my voice," there was just that minor setback of him having Voldemort sticking of the back of his head."

Quite a few people gasped at the use of the name, some cringed, but the twins and I were unfazed.

Umbridge glared straight at me now, no longer caring about keeping her cool. She muttered something about "Le'Strange lied about being there with potter probably helping the publicity stunt." My teeth clenched, hands turned to fists, and all my muscles tensed up.

"How dare you." I said, giving my best death glare. She flinched slight and then returned the glare.

"Detention Ms.*Le'Strange*." How dare she use my name against me.

"Em," George whispered quietly,"let it go."

I stood straight up. "What do you think happened then? Do you think Harry and I lied about Voldemort? Do-," I started shouting now," do you think Cedric Diggory died of his own accord?"

"His death was an accident and a very trag-"

"It was murder!" I screamed at her," Voldemort killed him! Now he's back and if you don't train us he'll have the whole world dead!"

"Three months deten-" but I never got to hear her finish. I sent a bat bogey hex towards her and showered her with water before grabbing my bag and walking straight out of the classroom. Once I was out of that retched room I ran. I didn't know where I was going but I just ran. I sprinted faster than I thought possible. I ran up the hills until hogwarts was just a grey blot in the distance and my legs gave out. I climbed up a tall oak and sat with my hands around my knees. And I cried. I cried and sobbed and screamed and cursed the world for doing this to me. It made me feel better somehow, finally pulling the cork off the bottle of emotions and letting it out. Thick lines of mascara that I had never bothered to wipe from my eyelashes streamed down my face. Every time I put a hand to my cheeks to wipe away the tears not only mascara but wet blush and foundation came off as well, revealing me ghostly pale skin. I had thrown the blue hair tie out of my hair and to the ground, so my perfectly brushed hair was now stringy, matted, and teases in a few places from swirling round the wind and was now slapping my face. I don't know how long I stayed out there in that oak tree, far from hogwarts. Minutes. Hours. It felt like years to me. Soon, however, the bitter cold was biting at my skin. I took off my tones and pulled them around my small form like a blanket. I stopped sobbing and yelling now, my throat was dry and scratchy. Tears silently rolled down my face. It was becoming dark now. But there was no way I could go back there. Not now, not tonight. I suppose I'd go quietly down the school, into my dormitory, and clean my self up. Go to breakfast. But I would not, *could* not face Umbridge again. At least not tonight.

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