Emma has had a rough go at life but maybe things are going to get better


6. 6

When I got in the car I felt eyes on me I looked over and they were Luke's I looked back into them and his blue ones were deep into my brown ones causing something beautiful.

Don't ever do something like that again Emma he said

I won't I whispered back

He smiled and grabbed my hand I smiled back as we pulled into my driveway

I felt a strange connection with him I didn't know why

I unlocked the door and walked in to see the mess I made was all picked up

I walked into the living room and Ashton and Luke followed me

Are u gonna be ok Em Ashton asked

Yeah I'll be fine u can go

Ok call if u need anything

I will I said As Ashton came up and hugged me

He kissed my forehead and I smiled

Luke then did the same wich made me feel great

I love u Ashton shouted as he shut the door

Did I like Luke? I thought haha no or did I I didn't know I was so confused

Well I better call pj and Nathan

I dialed pjs number

Hey babe I heard what happened are u ok

Yeah I'm fine I said

Ok now that I know ur fine wats up

Nothin just checking in how's the biz going?

Great still have a lot of buyers not as much since u left

Oh ok well I miss u and I miss my job

I know babe we will find s way to make it work

Ok well I have to go I said

Ok call me if u need anything he said as he hit end

I then dialed Nathan's number remembering what he said to me two days ago

Hey Em I've been waiting for your call are u ok it's all over the news are u injured do I need to come to Australia Cause if I do then I wi

I'm fine Nate I said interrupting him

It was all a mistake I said

Yeah so do u remember what we talked about he said I could tell he was blushing by the way his voice was

I paused for a minute yeah I finally said back to him

Oh he said

I remembered the day he broke up with me

Well since your moving to Australia maybe we should break up he said screaming at me

I am not doing this to make u mad I said tears running down my face I am doing it for me

I can't Emma I can't do this I can't have u leave I can't do a long distance relationship he said running his hands through his light brown hair

If u loved me it wouldn't matter where I was I whispered as more tears came streaming down

I fucking hate u he yelled you'r leaving me I yelled

After all that's happened to me u have the fucking guts to say that to me I screamed I can't fucking believe u

I love u Emma I really do and I'm sorry

No your not I screamed as more and more tears came streaming down my stained face

I love u Nathan but I have to leave

I hugged him and I didn't let go until he pushed me away

I started crying harder causing me to go into a panic attack

He hugged me as I fell apart not knowing what to do

I love u so much Nathan I don't wanna leave u but I have to

I know baby I'm sorry for yelling at you I love u to

He stood up and started walking away as he Walked out the door he said

It will always be you you will always be my true love

Em u there Nathan asked

Yeah just thinking I said

Oh well I'll call u later

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