Emma has had a rough go at life but maybe things are going to get better


5. 5

I woke up in the hospital I woke up and felt fine for some reason.

I started screaming when I realized I couldn't feel any of my body

All the guys ran in along with some friends and family of mine

Good you awake Ashton smiled and sqeezed my hand

I like down and saw a cast on my right arm and some stitches on my leg and foot

The doctor walked in and asked what happened

Explain everything that happened last night every detail the doctor said as everyone said yeah also wanting to know

Well I said it started when Ashton and the guys left I got upset and started crying about all the stuff that has been going on so I decided to have a drink witch turned into three bottles and I turned on my brothers cd as loud as it could go as I kept drinking then I called my x boyfriend and talking to him and I dropped as bottle of wine and it Broke and me being drunk I threw the pother empty one and broke it to I grabbed a third drink and drank it all I dropped it in my room and ran downstairs slipping on the glass and hitting my head on the corner of the glass

I said quickly looking around

And then I passed out when I woke up I was still incredibly drunk and called Ashton and talked to him I ran outside leaving the music and front door open being drunk I fell on the driveway and hurt my face I said starting to cry. Then I started running and I heard people calling my name so I ran into the street and got hit by a car I read on the internet that if u jump up u Shen a better chance of not getting heart so remembering that my drunk stupid self jumped and went flying over the car tha last thing I remember was realizing all the guys saw me get run over and then it went black I sighed and sniffed

As the doctor said well despite all of that u have a broken wrist and arm and we stitched ur legs and foot from the car cutting you and we fixed you all up in an hour u can go home he said as he left the room.

Ur so stupid Ashton said as everyone started coming up and hugging me.

I know I sighed and closed my eyes

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