Emma has had a rough go at life but maybe things are going to get better


4. 4

I set my phone down and sighed I needed a drink

I walked down stairs looking at all the plain walls I opened to cabinet mentally laughing because Ashton decided to fill it up for me

I grabbed a bottle and took a swig and sat down on one of the bar table stools

I was thinking about my old school

My old boyfriend

Maybe I should call him or text him

He would answer

Or would he

The only reason we broke up was because I was moving back here

So I dialed his number not even thinking realizing I had drank the whole bottle getting another one out of the cabinet

Emma? The voice said

Heyyyy babe

Are u drink Emma?

I don't know maybe u should ask me

I just did babe

I miss u I said slurring badly now

Babe u need to stop drinking

Nathan I need u to come here I miss u I said

I can't babe we talked about this

Fine I said throwing the now second empty bottle on the ground as it shattered

What was that Nathan yelled

It was nothing babe I gotta run I slurred worse than before

Emma bad careful

I will Nathan

One more thing Emma

Yea Nate

I think I still love u he said softly knowing I wouldn't remember it tomorrwo

I know I still love u Nate I said Qietly

He hung up I thought the last bottle onto the ground as I got the third one out of the cabinet and drank half in one big gulp

I then went to my room and turned my music up playing my brothers cd

18 started playing and I was jumping and singing as I was drinking the bottle of wine

I ran downstairs and fell hitting my head on the side of the counter since I drunk I didn't know what happened

Fuck I screamed feeling my head it was bleeding then everything went black

I woke up and immediately went back to having a headache and still being drunk form earlier

I got up and saw a huge puddle of blood from my head

Shit I said

I got my phone and saw I had a lot of missed calls frome the guys. Not being as drunk as earlier I realized what I had done. Listening to the loud music coming from my room I picked up my phone and called Ashton

OMG Emma are u ok

Yeah I'm fine I slurred

Have u been drinking

Nooooo wayyy I said back laughing

We're are u Emma

At my house dummy I giggled

I'm coming over stay were u are

Make me I said as I laughed and opened the door

Close ur door Emma Irwin

No ur not my dad wait I don't have a dad I laughed and fell down on the driveway scrapping my face and hands

Damn I said

Emma get your ass in the house Ashton yelled through the phone

But I'm having fun ashy

Well the guns over get inside he said s

U suck balls I'm not going inside I said as I started running drunk as fuck

I ran right in the street and ran into the wood laughing I hung up on Ashton not even knowing what I was doing the wrest of the alcohol catching up with me I looked back to see ny house blowing up with music and the front door open

I laughed and kept running I heard people screaming me name so I ran across the road looking back not even noticing the car coming at me I jumped and the car ran into me throwing me over it

I heard people running towards me knowing that all the boys just saw me get run over I started laughing as it all went black again

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