Emma has had a rough go at life but maybe things are going to get better


2. 2

I put my suitcases in the back of the cab as I breath in the Sidney air. Just being here made me happier. I sighed and pushed s price of my long brown hair out of my face putting my hands in my pockets pulling out my phone

I had a text from my older brother Ashton.

Hey we're at ur new place u almost here?


Me and the guys

Oh cool and yeah I'm about two minutes away c u then

I smiled as I put my phone away and the driver pulled into my new driveway

I handed him ten bucks and hopped out of the car I quickly ran up to the door and opened it to be greeted by Ashton.

We were half siblings my dad decided to rape his mom and then make my dad keep the child it was his fault but who cares my mom just forgave him as if it was so big deal

I just let the thought slip through my mind as I smiled half heartedly at the guys

Luke was staring at me

I didn't know why I didn't even look presentable

I had on makeup from the day before and black sweatshirt on and grey skinny jeans with black converse so nothing attractive I thought as I looked down at myself

I just awkwardly walked over and hugged each one of them

I reeled my suitcases up to where my room would be and sighed as I payed spralled out onto the bed.

I guys came upstairs and said they were leaning but would bring a pizza by later for dinner

I heard the door shut and just started crying I didn't know why

Maybe because my parents were dead of maybe because of everything else I didn't know

I thought about all the stuff my life had put me through. My abusive uncle my new half brother at the age of 2 months which was Ashton so a good surprise all my bad decisions why did I do all that I couldn't answer that question

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