Best friends brother

I hated them. They made my blood boil. Just the thought of them made me wanna fucking chop their heads off. Every single one of them were just as bad as the other. If you don't no who I am talking about its Luke Hemings and his little fucking gang. Calum, Michael and Ashton.


5. •Chapter 5•


Autumn and I pulled up at the cinemas. We got out and found the boys. I walked up to Luke, grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the others. "Yess" I asked him. "Well I wanted to ask if... Actually don't worry" he replied I just nodded and we walked off to the rest of the boys. I wonder what he was going to ask me. We went up to the ticket booth and got 6 tickets for unfriended... To be honest I really didn't want to watch it I absolutely hated scary movies.

We walked into the cinema and sat down autumn next to me, me next to Luke ( which I didn't choose his friends did), Luke next to Calum, Calum next to Michael and Michael next to Ashton. The movie was just about to start when Luke pulled up the thing in the middle so there was nothing separating us.

It was about half way through the movie and I was somehow in Luke's chest with his arms around my waist. I mean it was nice and all but I hated him. I sat up when I realised I had been doing it for most of the movie. I could feel him looking at me, when he pulled me back down into his chest. I stayed there for the rest of the movie, It didn't mean anything and I was most definitely not falling for him.

The movie had finished and we were walking out when Luke pulled me away from autumn. "What" I asked. He just looked at me and next thing I no we were kissing. I quickly pulled away. "Luke, No I don't like you in that way, or any way" I said. "Well what was that all about in the movies" he replied with hurt in his voice. I could feel my cheeks burning. So I just walked away. "Crystal" I heard him say from behind. I turned around and he asked me once again "What was that all about in the movies" "Luke it didn't mean anything okay" I half yelled and ran away. I caught up with autumn and the others. "Where's Luke" Michael asked. "I don't no... Maybe he went to the toilet" I said quietly. We said goodbye and autumn and I left.

Autumn dropped me home and I ran upstairs. I was just about the have a shower when I heard my phone beep. I walked over and it was a message from Aut.

Aut: Crys I thought you hated Luke.

Me: I do...

Aut: Well you didn't in the movies 😉

Me: it didn't mean anything💩

Aut: okay, talk later

I had a shower and got into my penguin pjs. I put my hair into a messy bun and sat on my bed and was about to go on Facebook when I heard my phone go off. It was a message from Luke.

Luke: Hey cutie, I am taking you out tonight be ready by 7:30.

Me: No

Luke: come on it's not like it's a date, and please just once.

Me: okay whatever, where are we going.

Luke: a restaurant.

Me: yeah, but what one.

Luke: you'll see.

It was 7:00 so I decided to get ready. I can't believe I am doing this, I mumbled to myself. It's not a date just going out, not even as friends. Maybe he was trying to get me to like him...


"Holy shit she said she would" I said excitedly to the boys. I don't no why but crystal was different. Any other girl would want me straight away and I would just fuck them, not like a serious relationship or anything. But crystal made me want a serious relationship not with just anyone, but her. I have never really had a proper girlfriend because I don't no I just never have believed in love. But crystal she made me feel different. I think I was starting to fall for her. But she hated me like a lot. And it was all because of me. I made her hate me. But I was going to make her love me. She was going to be mine. Little bit by little bit.


I heard Luke's car pull up in the drive way. I was just finishing doing my makeup. I checked my phone 7:30. I walked downstairs and kissed mum goodbye. Luke knocked on the door. I opened it and holy shite he looked amazing. Black skinny jeans with a nice shirt. Wow. He was staring at me. "Luke your staring" I said with a laugh. "Holy fuck you look sexy" he said with a smile. I just laughed and got into the car.

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