Best friends brother

I hated them. They made my blood boil. Just the thought of them made me wanna fucking chop their heads off. Every single one of them were just as bad as the other. If you don't no who I am talking about its Luke Hemings and his little fucking gang. Calum, Michael and Ashton.


2. •chapter 2•


I woke up the next morning, got dressed, put on some make up and went down stairs to eat some breakfast.

After breakfast I went upstairs to get my phone. I felt it vibrate in my pocket.

Unknown number: Hey babe.

Me: Uh hey, who's this.

Unknown: Don't worry see you at school.

I heard autumn pull up in the drive way. So I went outside, sad thing was Luke was in the car. "Crystal your coming over this arvo to do our assignment" Luke said cheerfully from the back seat. I just ignored him and spoke to autumn. "Aut do you no the number 0423956744" after I spoke I could see her face going red... She was angry. I turned to luke who was on his phone. "Aut what's up" I asked quietly "never answer that number... How the fuck did he get it" she yelled. The whole way to school was silence apart from the radio playing.

Aut seemed really distant I guess. Throughout the school day. Her and Luke haven't talked. Luke tried to talk to me but I just brushed him off. I had just got home and was about to text aut when I heard my phone beep.

Unknown: hey

Me: I am not allowed to talk to you

Unknown: yeah but I just wanted to ask if you wanna meet up.

I didn't answer the number and remembered that I had to go over to autumns house to do my assignment with Luke. I got dressed into my nirvana shirt and some black, ripped skinny jeans. After about 10 minutes of walking I arrived. I knocked on the dirt and within 3 seconds autumn answered. "Hey" she said. "I am sadly here to do my assignment" I replied while pouting. Autumn let me in and led me upstairs to Luke's room.

I walked in and saw him sitting there kissing this girl, Annabelle, from school. "Luke" I yelled. He quickly got up and shoved Annabelle out of his room. "Hey crystal, are you here for me" he asked running his hands through his hair. "Fuck off, the assignment" I replied while putting the finger up at him.

It had been about 2 hours and I was surprised Luke hadn't tried anything in me. Luke walked me out and I left his house. "See you tomorrow, baby girl" he called from his house. "Don't fucking call me that" I replied.

I got home, had a shower and ate dinner. I picked up my phone and texted this unknown number.

Me: hey uhh, I don't think I no you.

Unknown: yeah you do.

Me: well if I apparently no you, how the fuck did you get my number.

Unknown: Sisters phone.

I just sat there. "Shit" I mumbled to myself.

Me: Autumn was right, I am never texting you again.

It was Luke, well at least I think it was. I put my phone down and fell asleep.

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