Best friends brother

I hated them. They made my blood boil. Just the thought of them made me wanna fucking chop their heads off. Every single one of them were just as bad as the other. If you don't no who I am talking about its Luke Hemings and his little fucking gang. Calum, Michael and Ashton.


20. •Chapter 19•


I woke up this morning to find Luke on the phone to someone. I walked up behind him and gave him a kiss them went to get some breakfast.

"Thank you so much" we're the last words he said. "Hey babe" he said as he ran to give me a hug.

"Hi, who was that" I asked confused.

"Come and sit down" he said as he led me to the couch.

"What" I asked laughing.

"We are going" he said

"Where" I replied.

"On tour" I jumped up and down and gave him a hug and a kiss. "That amazing" I screamed.

His smile grew wider.

"And your coming" he screamed.

I couldn't stop dancing around like an idiot.

"I love you Lucas"

"I love you more crystal" he laughed.

"Crystal since it is already 1:00pm we are going out for lunch" he said while getting up for a shower. I followed him to the bathroom. We had a shower and I got dressed.


"Lukey this is amazing" I smiled as we sat in a cafe finishing of our lunch.

"Oh and here" he said. I had a very confused look on my face.

Luke pulled out a small box. "Luke" I whispered at this point everyone was staring at us.

I opened the box and found a beautiful silver necklace in it with the infinity symbol on it. On each side were our names. I jumped into Luke's arms.

"Thank you so much" I whispered.

"I love you" he whispered back.

"Crystal be mine forever" he said while pulling out another box. This time I could feel tears coming. He got down on one knee. "Luke" I whispered the tears still coming down my faces

"Marry me" he said. I jumped in his arms "yes" I screamed

Everyone around us were clapping and whistling. Luke put the ring on my finger and we left the cafe. "Luke I love you so fucking much" I whispered and held his hand. "I love you too, princess"


I LOVE YOU GUYS SO FUCKING MUCH 4K READS WOW. So this was my last chapter for this book but I am writing an Ashton fanfic it's called remember so be sure to read that. LOVE YOU ALL LILLY💕💕💕💕

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