Best friends brother

I hated them. They made my blood boil. Just the thought of them made me wanna fucking chop their heads off. Every single one of them were just as bad as the other. If you don't no who I am talking about its Luke Hemings and his little fucking gang. Calum, Michael and Ashton.


14. •Chapter 14•


Luke and I have been together for a month now. We haven't gotten any further than kissing but I wasn't ready. Eva and Mikey are dating thanks to Luke and I.

Today we are going over to Calum's house. The boys are going to perform for us, aut, Eva and me.

"You ready babe" I hear Luke say from downstairs.

"Yep, just let me get my phone" I say back.

I grab my phone and run out the door.

I jump into the car. "Wow, someone is excited" Luke laughs.

"Yeah, this hot guy is going to sing to me at Calum's house" I reply while laughing.

"Yeah I heard he is pretty sexy" he says proudly.

"Yep, sexiest person ever" I say sarcastically.

We get to Calum's house and see that everyone is already there.

We walk inside, me close to Luke. When I am with Luke. I feel safe. It's weird with Harley I never felt like that.

"Crystal" Eva and aut scream and give me a hug.

Luke walks over to the boys and they set up their microphones and stuff.

"I am so excited, I have never seen them perform live" Eva screams.

"Mean either" I reply with a laugh.

"Girls" we hear Calum yell from the other room.

We rush in and sit on the couch. Luke stares at me then smiles. He starts singing amnesia. My favourite. The whole time he is looking right into my eyes.

"Okay, next this is our new song 'she's kinda hot' you guys are the first to hear it" Luke says through the microphone.

Throughout the song Luke is staring at me like he was in amnesia. After the song we all stood up and cheered. "My new favourite" I scream as I run to Luke and kiss him.

The boys pack up their things and us girls order pizza. Within 10 minutes the pizza comes. The boys have packed up and we all sit on the ground and eat.

After we ate we all just sat there awkwardly. "Truth or dare" Ashton screams. We all agree and start to play.

"Autumn truth or dare" Ashton says

"Truth" she replies quietly

"How far have you gotten with cal" he asks with a smirk.

Her cheeks go red and she stares at Calum. "Ummm.... Well..." She stops.

"You guys have fucked" Luke yells. Calum laughs but aut is bright red.

"Truth or dare Luke" autumn says. I give her a look

"Dare" he smirks and grabs my hand.

"Okay.. I dare you too...kiss ash" she finishes while laughing

"No... What" he replies

"A dares a dare" she replies

Luke stands up and walks over to ash. He leans in and 'BAM' they kissed. I couldn't stop laughing. Luke was nearly vomiting and ash was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. "I am never kissing that mouth again" I yell

Luke rushes over to me starts to kiss me I fight back but after a while I realise he was not going to let me go so I gave in and kissed him back.

"Get a room" mikey yells.

Luke and I separate and Luke death stares Mikey.

"Okay truth or dare Calum" Luke yells

"Truth" he says quieter than autumn.

"Okay" Luke stops and thinks for a while.

"Do you love Aut" he asks

Calum doesn't answer for about a minute. Autumn is staring at him. "Yeah" he replies and his face goes red.

"Baby, I love you too" autumn yells and kisses him.

After a few more turns it comes to me. Mikey asked me so I knew it was going to be bad.

"Dare" I replied proudly

"I dare you to give Luke a lap dance" Luke smirked at Mikey than winked at me. I stood up.

After I had finished I saw that luke had a boner. "Wow" I whispered in his ear. He smirked and laid on his stomach so the others couldn't see.

Once we finished playing truth or dare, autumn and cal went upstairs so did Ashton, Mikey and Eva. So it was just Luke and I.

"Let's go home" he said

"Okay" I replied as I grabbed my stuff. Then headed out the door.

We got into the car. "Babe..."Luke said but stopped

"Yeah" I replied, my head leaning against the window.

"When are we... I mean..." He said but didn't finish.

"When the time is right" I replied knowing what he was talking about.

"Okay" he replied as he rested his hand on top of mine.

We got home and I went into his room. He followed and I got changed into his shirt. "You look sexy in my shirt" he said

"Really?" I questioned him.

I don't no what it was but something rushed through me. It was something I had never felt before. It was like I wanted him. I jumped onto his bed and started to kiss him.

After he realised what I wanted his lips moved in sync with mine. In one quick move he removed his shirt. I trailed my finger tips down his abs. Taking them in. He started kissing my neck.

Things got a little more heated. But he stopped. "Luke" I whined.

"No crystal" he replied " I want yours... Our... First time to be special" he said

"Ours?" I questioned him

He stopped and started at me. "Yeah" he replied not wanting to explain

He laid down next to me and put his arms around my waist.

"Wait, Lucas Hemmings are you trying to tell me that you haven't had sex" I laughed thinking he was trying to trick me.

He looked me in the eyes. "I told you, the boys, everyone, that I have done it millions off times. You guys believed me. That night... The party we didn't sleep together... I mean I was thinking about it but aut caught me and I didn't do anything with that girl. The boys had done it millions off times and I.... I guess I just wanted to fit in ya no" he finished staring at the roof.

"Luke... I" I stopped he grabbed my face and kissed me.

"Lucas Hemmings, I love you" I screamed.

He sat there still taking in what I had just said.

"Crystal piper" he smiled

"I love you too" he said just before leaning in and kissing me softly on the lips.

We laid in bed talking about us. How when we were little we were the bestest of friends. Autumn, Luke and I. How through grade 7 he became a pain in the ass. How I went through a stage that I hated him. Just about anything and everything that came to mind.

I could feel myself drifting to sleep. "I love you, Lucas" I managed to get out before I fell asleep.

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