Nothing Else Matters


2. Chapter 1 ~ parties and back seats

A/n- ok so that last "chapter" was a flashback THIS IS THE FIRST OFFICIAL CHAPTER. It's like 1 month after that whole running off stage incident.

Luke's pov

I scrolled through Twitter, the whole me running off the stage thing hasn't died down. There is countless tumblr, Twitter, Instagram everything posts. I've read a lot of them. Lisa hasn't replied to any of my texts or calls. 54 texts. 31 calls. I may seem desperate but do you know how much it hurts to be getting ready to go on stage and then right before, a text comes in. I scrolled back to the old message... The one.

Lisa- Luke, I can't do this anymore. I haven't seen you in months. I miss seeing you. I miss hugging you. I love you so much and that's why this pains me so much... It's over. Us, we're over.

Who the hell does that? Just basically pushes me off a cliff why don't cha! We took a break off tour. We decided I wasn't stable enough to sing have the songs. I haven't heard much from the boys. Mainly Michael... He's worried I guess. I can't song write, I can't sing, i don't want to do interviews, I don't want to perform... I don't want to do anything. I just feel numb. No emotion. She was the only reason I kept doing what I was doing. I loved her. Three years.... It's like it was simply a piece of paper and she took a match to it and burned it... It wasn't done burning, it was slowly burning away not taking away any pain. I have no idea how she is doing. She won't talk to me. I heard a knock at my door. My eyes widened. Maybe it's her, "Luke let me in. I don't have a key genius." It was just Michael. I groaned. I stood up off my couch, and unlocked my door. Right as I opened the door he pushed past me, followed by someone I didn't recognize. "What the?" I asked as I shut the door. They both were just standing in my living room. "Why are all the lights off? Are you a vampire now?" Michael asked. He walked over to a light switch and turned it on. He opened the curtains on my window. "Damn Lucas." He said. I wasn't paying attention to him. I was still extremely confused who the fuck the girl was. She has slightly tanned skin and dirty blonde hair.... Not to mention she had like really long legs and was wearing shorts. And a nirvana shirt. Nice. "Oh this is rose. She's a fan I met a few weeks ago but she's pretty chill. So she's now my friend." He said. She smiled, awkwardly waving at me. "Ok why are you both here then?" I asked. "Because, you need to get outside." The Rose girl said. "Yeah. When was the last time you did that?" Mike asked. "Two weeks ago." I mumbled. He looked at me confused. "Not even I could do that. You really need to do your hair to. It looks like shit." He said. I rolled my eyes. "Come with me." He scowled grabbing my wrist. "Hey!" I exclaimed as he dragged me to my bedroom. He stopped and walked to my closet. He threw a pair of black jeans, my red flannel, and my sex pistols shirt. "Put those on. And you don't have time to do your hair so wear a hat." He said leaving my room. He closed the door before I could follow. I went to open my door but I couldn't open it. "Excuse me Michael?" I said. "I'm not letting you out till your dressed. You'll have to text me the proof." He said. I groaned rolling my eyes. I slipped on what he threw at me. "Don't forget shoes." He said. I flipped off the door, I pulled on my black high tops. I placed a SnapBack, backwards on my head. I shoved my sunglasses in my pocket. From what I could tell it was bright outside. "Michael I'm dressed just let me out." I said leaning against the door. "Are you telling me the truth?" He asked. I sighed, "yes now let me out." I said. He opened the door. "There we go. You're ready to go." He said. "Can tell me what the fuck you two are even doing." I said. "Well, I was talking with Michael and he told me everything so I came up with this idea." Rose said. "This was your idea?" I asked looking at her, and then at Michael, who nodded. "Wow. You two are like the exact same I guess..." I said quietly. "And we are buying you a paper shredder." Michael said. I looked at him confused. "Why the hell do I need one?" I asked. "It's hard ripping picture paper with your hands." Rose said picking up a picture of me and Lisa. "These gotta go." She said. "Why?" I questioned. "Because your hung over her. And looking at her wont help." She said. I looked at Michael, he shrugged. "This is the last time you bring some random chick to my house." I said. "Whatever. Let's go." He said. "Where?!" I questioned them both. "I don't know. Out?" Rose said. She's so much like Michael it's creepy. I followed them outside, I followed them to michaels car. I sat in shot gun before rose could. She scowled at me. I smirked. "Ok tell me where we are going." I said. "Not until we get there." Rose said. I groaned, "you two are impossible." I said. I leaned my head against the window, as they turned on the radio to some random music. I didn't listen, I just watched the skyline and buildings as we passed. It was getting darker as we drived. Honestly I didn't want to anything. Ever. It doesn't matter. If I can't her, I don't want anything. Nothing. The car suddenly stopped. It was night time now. We were in a neighbor hood. "Ok we are here!" Michael said. I looked to the drivers side. A party. "Really?" I asked. The both chuckled, "duh." Rose said. "Just cmon." She said. I groaned stepping out of the car.

*a bit into the party*

I couldn't find Michael or Rose anywhere, and I was surrounded by drunken idiots. I took a sip of my beer leaning up against a wall. I sighed. 'I hate parties' I thought to myself. I looked around just watching as girls drunkness was being used by equally drunk dudes, as people just sat in corners basically sucking each others faces off. A person leaned on the wall against me. "Well hello there cutie." They said, it was a girl. "I'm not interested." I said harshly. "Come on. Just a little fun is always needed." She said. I looked over to reject, "oh my god.... Lisa?!" I questioned louder than I meant to. She looked at me confused and then almost a scared look. "Luke!" She said. "What the hell are you doing here?" She questioned. "Michael brought me here. I knew I shouldn't of come." I said starting to walk towards the front door. "Wait. Please let me explain." She said following me. "Oh shut up." I said. "Luke. Just please..." She said. I cut her off, I threw a crumbled up piece of paper at her... It was the letter I was going to send to her the day she broke up. I wrote the date and time I wrote it so she can fucking know. "What is this?" She questioned. "Just read the date." I said walking away. It was basically a letter telling her how I missed her on tour and it had explained that I bought her a plane ticket and it fucking explained that I loved her. In my anger in this month though I scribbled out the parts about loving her and writing other shit. When I finished my thought I was in the front lawn. "God damnit." I said kicking the tire on michaels car. I'm just going to sit in the car all night. Screw the party. Screw Lisa. Screw everything. I opened the back door and sat in the seat. I sighed hiding my face in my hands. I'm not going to cry. Nope. I'm done with her. "Hard night to?" Someone questioned who was already sitting in the passenger seat. It caught me off guard making me jump a bit. I quickly realized it was rose. "Why are you in here." I asked. "One sec." She said. She got out of the car and got back in sitting next to me. She turned to face me, "I'm in here because I'm upset and slightly hurt... Mostly annoyed." She said. "What happened?" I asked. "Just between us... I kinda liked Michael. Like not just like a friend but actually liked him... And he asked me to go get us drinks... So I did, and when I came back he was sucking some bitches face. You?" She said. "I saw Lisa." I said. "Ahhh. I don't really need more." She said. I nodded slowly. "Can I ask you something?" She said. "Yeah..." I said. "Do you think I ever have a chance with Michael?" She asked. I shrugged. "I don't know... He likes this one girl." I said. "Oh..." She said quietly. "I'm sorry. I'm not good with comforting..." I said. "Neither am I... And I guess I'm not good at finding people who like me." She said with a sad chuckle. What I mean by sad chuckle is you could tell she was on the brink of tears. "Don't worry, how old are you?" I said. "19." She said. "See? Your only 19. Live your life. Screw Michael... Not literally. Well. If you like him th- you get the point." I said. "Why don't you use your own advice." She said. "Ok. I see your point... But life is literally for taking chances. So take them." I said. "Take chances huh?" She said. "Yup." All of sudden out of nowhere she kissed me, I pushed her away slightly, "that's not what I meant." I said. She rolled her eyes, "luke. Take your chances." She said in a high pitched mocking voice. She pressed her lips against mine again. This time I didn't push her away as quickly, "I thought you liked michael..." I said. "Like you said, screw Michael." She said with a smirk. She pressed her lips against mine yet again. I didn't push her away. She was right. I was right. I need to take chances. Maybe this will finally get me over Lisa. The kiss heated up into just making out. Ok I can honestly say I have never made out with someone in the back of a car. Especially not Michael's. She pulled away, but only to move the where she was sitting on my lap. She continued on the kiss, cupping my face. I held onto her waist. She pulled away. "I can't do this..." She whispered. "Then don't." I replied. She smiled, "seriously what kind of dude are you?" She said. I shrugged. She moved back to wear she was back to just sitting next to me. "I hate parties." She said. I chuckled. "Same." I said. "You know this is calums house. We could ditch Michael with him. This is my car." She said. I shrugged, "let's ditch this place then." I said. She smiled as we both hopped out of the back seat and into the front. She was driving, "where to Lucas." She said. "Anywhere other than this place."

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