New Start

Laura Ingle was faced with a tragedy five years ago and was also blackmailed for two years. She finally thinks that she has a fresh start and that she can focus on her new job, but will there be a distraction?

Warning: there may be some swearing and sexual content


4. What Happened?

Laura's POV


After finally finding everyone else who will be working on lights I saw someone that looked familiar.


"Marissa?" I asked.


"Oh my god! Is that you Laura?" she asked me.


"Yeah. You look so different. I haven't seen you for like five years!"


Marissa was one of my closest friends before my parents and sister died.


"I thought it had been a long time since I last saw you," I said.


"What happened to you even? One day it was like you completely disappeared. Nobody at school ever heard from you. I was worried that something really bad happened to you,"


"Well nothing good happened,"


"What do you mean?" she asked concerned.


"My family got hit by a drunk driver. I was the only one that survived," I said tearing up a bit.


"I'm so sorry!" she said pulling me into a hug.


"It's alright,"


While Marissa and I were hugging someone cleared their throat behind us.

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