New Start

Laura Ingle was faced with a tragedy five years ago and was also blackmailed for two years. She finally thinks that she has a fresh start and that she can focus on her new job, but will there be a distraction?

Warning: there may be some swearing and sexual content


5. Nice to Meet You

Michael's POV


As I was daydreaming about this stunning girl I met earlier the boys interrupted my thoughts.


"Earth to Michael. Anyone there?" asked Ashton.


"What?" I asked a little confused.


"Luke just told us that it's time to go meet the crew at that party type of thing where everyone just goes around talking to each other," Calum said.


"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" I said excitedly as I got up from the couch I was sitting on. I really want to talk to Laura again.


Once we got to the place where the crew was I scanned the crowd for Laura. Then I finally saw her. She was hugging someone and it looked like she was crying.


Ashton cleared his throat and began to speak.


"Hi everyone!" he said enthusiastically, "I'm Ashton and it's nice to see all of you here! I'm really excited for this tour. It will definitely be epic! That's all I have to say besides go meet some people and have fun!"


The entire time Ashton was talking I could barely pay attention because I couldn't keep my eyes off of Laura. I wanted to comfort her and make her smile since she looked so sad. When Ashton was done talking and it was time to go around to meet everyone I went over to Laura.


"Hey Laura," I said and gave her a little smile.


"Hi Michael. Oh, this is Marissa," she said smiling.


"Nice to meet you," Marissa said.


"You too," I said politely, but I really wished she wasn't there so Laura and I could just talk.


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