New Start

Laura Ingle was faced with a tragedy five years ago and was also blackmailed for two years. She finally thinks that she has a fresh start and that she can focus on her new job, but will there be a distraction?

Warning: there may be some swearing and sexual content


1. Introduction

I'm so nervous. Tomorrow I start my new job as a lighting manager for a band on tour. I hope they don't hate me or know about my past.


Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Laura Ingle. I am 20 years old. I am also from a state named North Dakota which is in the U.S. I have long blonde hair that is dip-dyed blue. I'm 5'6'' and I have blue eyes. I don't want this band to know about what has happened in the past five years of my life and to be honest I don't even want to know about it.


I will tell you what happened. Exactly five years ago today my family got into a car accident. I was there too. A drunk driver hit the car we were in, killing my mom, dad, and 10 year old sister. People say that I'm lucky to survive, but am I really so lucky if I witnessed my mom die and I feel like I'm responsible for my dad and sister dying. I think not. We were in the middle of nowhere. My mom died instantly and there was no cell service. I had to walk two miles to the nearest gas station so that they could call 911. By the time the ambulance got there they had all died.


Since I was then an orphan I was forced to move in with my aunt who has six children. I was told to tell everyone that I was her daughter so that's what I did. Then one day after about a year of living with my aunt and her children I was crying and I said that I missed my family when I was in my room. I then asked why that stupid guy had to be driving while drunk. My cousin's friend, Jeremy, heard all of this. He decided to blackmail me by forcing to sell marijuana. After two years I was sick of doing it and worrying that I would get caught so I told him that I didn't care if he told anyone.


Two months before graduation he told everyone in my school that I killed my family because they were going to turn me in for drug dealing. I couldn't believe that he did that! Everyone believed him and I started to get bullied. They would say some really mean stuff. On the second to last day of school I had had enough.

"Do you all want to know what really happened?" I asked raising my voice after hearing yet another rude comment about me.


"My family was killed by drunk driver. I was in the car and there wasn't any cell service. My dad and younger sister were still alive, but in critical condition. I knew that they didn't have much time so I quickly walked to the nearest gas station which was two miles away. I was in complete pain not only was my arm broken, but I had just witnessed the person who gave birth to me die and I knew that was probably the last time I would ever see my dad and sister alive again. I was right. They were pronounced dead at the scene. I became an orphan. The only person to take me in was my aunt, but she forced me to say that I was her daughter. Then one day Jeremy overheard me say that I still couldn't believe that my family was dead and that I really missed them. He used this information to blackmail me by forcing me to deal drugs. I knew that my aunt would hurt me if the information got out so I did what he said. After two years of doing what Jeremy told me to do I had had enough so he spread that awful rumor about me. So if you thought you knew me, think again!" I told everyone the truth I was crying the entire time, but I wasn't the only one. My cousins were crying and also some people that I don't even know were too.


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