New Start

Laura Ingle was faced with a tragedy five years ago and was also blackmailed for two years. She finally thinks that she has a fresh start and that she can focus on her new job, but will there be a distraction?

Warning: there may be some swearing and sexual content


3. Forgetfulness

"Are you alright?" this guy asked.


"Yeah I'm fine. Are you..." I said but then I was cut off by him.


"Yes.  I am Michael Clifford.  I'm guessing you're a fan?" I could tell that he was slightly annoyed.


"Umm... I'm actually not really a fan.  I was just going to ask if you were alright."


"Oh.  I'm sorry. So now that we have established that you aren't a crazed fan that somehow snuck in past security would you mind telling me your name?"


"My name is Laura.  I am the lighting manager."


"That's cool! I should probably get going. I have to be on backstage for sound check in 10 minutes."


"OH CRAP! I FORGOT I'M LATE!" I shouted as I ran to find out where to go.

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