New Start

Laura Ingle was faced with a tragedy five years ago and was also blackmailed for two years. She finally thinks that she has a fresh start and that she can focus on her new job, but will there be a distraction?

Warning: there may be some swearing and sexual content


6. Chatting

Michael's POV


"I'm going to go talk to some people I met earlier," Marissa said.


"Okay. I'll talk to you later," Laura replied.


I was so happy that Marissa left. Now I can just hang out with Laura.


"Did you know Marissa before because it seemed like you two were really good friends?" I asked jokingly.


"We used to be best friends, but we haven't seen each other for about five years," she replied.


"Oh. That's a long time," I said since I had no clue as to what I should say.


"Yeah, it is. Anyways where are you looking forward to going for the Sounds Live Feels Live tour?"


"I'm really excited to go back to Japan. I had so much fun there last time! What about you?" I asked.


"I'm going to have to say that I am most excited for the show in St. Paul, Minnesota. After all it's only four hours away from my hometown."


We ended up talking until it was time to leave. We told each other about our families, pets, and a lot of other things. I absolutely love hanging out with her.

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