Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


3. Chapter Two





Anna's P.O.V





''Anna, Calum keeps starring at you'' Lily whispered in my ear and I rolled my eyes, I looked behind me to see Calum licking his lips and smirking in my direction, I scoffed and turned around walking to my locker.  after what Calum said yesterday, I promised myself that I wouldn't allow it to happen again, we hated each other and that was it.


''he can stare as he wants I don't care'' I opened my locker, taking my stuff for the next lesson. ''what do you have now?'' I asked.


''I have Chemistry, I'll see you at lunch'' she smiled and hugged me goodbye before she disappeared into the hallway. I started walking as well and I was right on time to class, I took a seat in the front of the class and listened to what Mr. Evans was saying.


''psst'' I ignored that annoying sound and started writing in my notebook ''psst'' again.

I turned around to be greeted by a smirking Calum, I sighed and turned around, but he started hitting my chair from behind, I turned to him ''what the fuck do you want?'' I whispered.


''I want you'' he whispered back and I sighed, rolling my eyes.


''if you excuse me, Miss Annabeth and Mr Hood you can continue with your conversations outside my class'' Mr Evans pointed to the door of the classroom.


''I'm-'' I started but he cut me off by glaring at me, I stood up from my seat and gathered my things.


''and after school detention for the both of you''



''I fucking hate you, Calum'' I mumbled and walked out of the classroom, Calum following behind me.


why does life hate me so much? I've never had detention before but with the help of that jerk, I've booked my first one.


''Anna, wait up!'' Calum called and I stopped walking turning to him.


''enough! you can go away because I don't want to see you face'' I yelled but that made his smirk grow even more. ''I can't stand how a fucking jerk you are'' then I walked to the ladies bathroom only to have him follow me. ''you're not allowed in here, smartass''


 he chuckled and I scoffed. he tried to take hold of my hand but I was quick to react and slapped his hand away.


''I promise that I would chop of your dick and wrap it around your neck if you ever tried to touch me again'' I narrowed my eyes at him.


''oh really?''


''yes rea-'' and suddenly I was pinned against a wall with my hands above my head, with wide eyes. ''you dickhead, get off me'' I squirmed but he was pressing his body so close to mine that I couldn't move.


''fuck, I love it when you're angry'' then I froze up when I felt his hand sliding down my stomach and going underneath my skirt, I couldn't help but let out a whimper as a shot of electricity hit me. ''does that feel good baby?''

then he started rubbing me through my underwear, making me release a moan. ''don't baby me Calum'' my voice came out low, I couldn't stop myself of moaning because that felt so damn good.


''oh Anna you're so wet'' he whispered huskily in my ear and I shivered, his wet lips started kissing on the spot behind my ear and I took hold of his hand to rub it a little bit faster. ''you don't know how much I want to fuck you right now''


I knew that what I was doing was wrong and it was completely against the rules I set for myself but it felt so fucking good that I couldn't stop.


and that's where the lust came from.





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Nina xx

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