Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


13. Chapter Twelve





the game went along and a lot of people were dared to hook up and still, the bottle didn't land on me nor did it land on Calum.


Jake was sitting beside me laughing as a girl with pink hair was dared to spill a bottle of vodka on herself. the circle began to cheer as the girl opened the bottle and let it drown on her from above her head. we all laughed as the girl sat down grinning wildly.


Tristan, a guy from our school spun the bottle and it landed on  Calum, I looked at him only to find him starring back at me with the same blank expression he had once we sat.


''Calum! truth or dare dude?'' Tristan asked, looking at Calum.




''ummm, I dare you to make out with Sarah over there for 1 minute '' then Tristan pointed towards a girl with long black hair that went down to her waist and hazel eyes. she was gorgeous and I felt a ping of jealousy hit me.


my eyes drifted away from the girl to Calum who was starring back at me, then he stood up and walked over to Sarah and knelt down to her level.


I saw him look at me from the corner of his eye and then he was all over the girl. kissing her passionately and hungrily, sucking on her lips as his fingers ran down her sides and sliding down her ass.


to watch this, it was pure torture and I felt my heart ache without an actual reason.

the way he was holding her, the way he was kissing her. it reminded me of how he kissed me today earlier.


I felt tears gather in the corner of my eyes but I shook my head quickly, looking away. I don't know why I was even jealous. we weren't anything and I knew we wouldn't be. why was I so upset.


Jake felt that I tensed suddenly and put a hand on my thigh in a comforting manner but it didn't really help. I looked at him and smiled weakly before turning my focus back on Calum who finally stopped sucking on the girl's lips and went back to his place.


Tristan spun the bottle and it landed on me. ''Anna! truth or dare?'' he yelled.


I didn't want to appear like a coward so I chose dare.


''well, kiss anyone in this room for 30 seconds without taking one breath'' he said and they circle cheered.

I looked at Calum and he smirked to himself. I rolled my eyes at him and looked at Jake who sat innocently beside me, he looked back at me and I attacked his lips immediately.


but the thing is


that his lips didn't fit like Calum's

they didn't feel the same way Calum's did


after the 30 seconds finished, I pulled away from Jake to find him smiling at me. I looked in front of me to find Calum gone.

I quickly stood up and walked away from the circle, trying to find him anywhere.


I spotted Ashton dancing with a girl and I tapped him on his shoulder.


''Anna hey, are you enjoying your time?'' he asked.


''not really but did you see Calum anywhere?'' I asked, looking around.


''yeah, he just left outside the door, said he needed some fresh air'' he shrugged, I was about to walk away but he pulled my arm ''listen Annabeth, Calum cares about you'' he said and then he left.


I didn't know what that meant but what I knew that I had to find Calum.

I pushed through the crowd until I got to the front door of the house. I went out and heaved a breath before looking in front of me at Calum who had a cigarette between his fingers. and a hand in his pocket.


he looked over his shoulder at me and then directed his gaze towards the empty street.


''why did you come?'' he asked and I swallowed the lump that gathered in my throat.


''I wanted to talk to you'' I said and took a few steps towards him.


''you should go and talk to Jake, I bet he's a good listener ''he said.


''and what should you do? go hook up with Sarah, I bet she's good in bed'' I crossed my arms over my chest.


''yes probably, she has a nice ass too'' he said, spinning around and facing me ''and her lips, oh my''

he was getting on my nerves.


''why aren't you talking Anna? cat got your tongue or was it Jake?'' he asked with that stupid smirk. ''are you jealous?''


''no, why would I be jealous?'' I scoffed as he took a few steps towards me. we stood starring at each other as he moved closer and closer.


''look me in the eyes and tell me you're not jealous'' he said in a lower voice, pressing his body against mine, I couldn't dare and look in his eyes but he touched my chin making my eyes shoot up and watch his movements.

he swayed the hair of my face and put it behind my ear before looking in my eyes deeply, he was like looking into my soul.


''tell me Anna, where you jealous when I was making out with Sarah? where you jealous when my hands slid down her body? didn't it remind you of how I was kissing you earlier? didn't it make you jealous when I touched her the same way I did to you?'' he asked in a low tone and I felt my heart beat fast.


I don't know if it was the alcohol that made my head spin or because he did really read my mind. I was so confused.


''no, I -'' I began but he cut me off.


''don't you dare and lie to me''


then I looked deeply into his eyes and grabbed his face, kissing him hungrily.

he reacted instantly and started kissing me back with the same force, he patted my thighs and I jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist. he walked with me to his car that was parked behind the house in a dark place.

he put me down and unlocked the car quickly, opening the backseat door and pushing me inside, his lips connecting with mine again in a hard kiss.


it was like we couldn't get enough of each other as we stripped from our clothes, the car was fogged up and it was hot in here but we didn't care.

he kissed me behind my ear, biting the soft skin there and sucking on it, leaving a few marks of course.

I dug into his hair and he groaned, kissing at the valley of my breasts. then going down to my stomach and then he removed my panties.


he lowered his head down as his breath hit me from down there, a shiver ran down my spine and I pulled his head down further as he caressed my clit, and then I felt his hot tongue touch my exposed area.

I moaned out in pleasure and dug his head further up my heat. I started to sweat as he entered a finger inside of me and then added another, curling them inside me and out.


''oh my god Calum..'' I dragged on as he licked up and down my clit making me groan and moan.


the car was extremely fogged up and it was hard to breath, he licked me one more time and then he shot his head up, kissing my lips sloppily as he started to remove his boxers.


I quickly unclipped my bra, throwing it anywhere with all the other piece of clothing.

''oh my god Anna, I don't know how I waited that long to fuck you'' he whispered huskily and he searched for something in the pocket of his jeans that was laying on the car floor.

he pulled out a condom and ripped it with his teeth before putting it on his length.


''are you ready?'' he asked.


''as I'll ever be'' I mumbled as he entered me forcefully, I let out a scream as he pulled back out and slammed right again, hitting my spot.


''you're so tight'' he hissed and continued to pull in and out of me as I moaned in extreme pleasure. ''you feel so fucking good''


I closed my eyes and pleasure took all over my body, it was like the anger I had for him earlier vanished completely, being replaced with lust, love and passion for him.

''open your eyes, baby..i want to see those beautiful ones'' he whispered and my heart melted a little, I fluttered my eyes open and he was starring right at me.


I felt something build up my stomach and I moaned again ''I'm going to come'' I whispered, out of breath.


''hold on for just a little'' he groaned and kept slamming inside of me.

then we rode out our high and I let out a big breath as he pulled out of me, laying beside me on the backseat.

we stayed completely silence, both taking our breath and I sat up and put on my underwear and bra.

he also put on his boxers as he layed his head on my bare thigh.


''can I ask you a question?'' he asked and I nodded, ''where you jealous when I kissed Sarah?''














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