Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


4. Chapter Three


Anna's P.O.V



''I heard you got kicked out of English class yesterday'' Lily giggled and I sighed, taking my stuff for the first class today which was gym, god how I hated gym.



''yeah because of that jackass called Calum'' I took my exercising bag and walked to the direction of the showers to get dressed in the gym uniform. ''I'll see you at lunch'' I waved before walking in the showers, I quickly got dressed and headed to the gym where most students were already there.


I also spotted Calum standing with some guys and he smirked immediately when he saw me, I scoffed and turned around, smirking to myself. I love to tease him.

I didn't know what to call my relationship with Calum at the moment, I wouldn't say we were friends with benefits because we weren't even friends, in fact we hated each other and I also wouldn't say we were fucking because we still didn't fuck. and of course not lovers and that's because of the reason I said earlier.


I felt a hand slid down my waist from behind and I smirked because I knew I got his attention.


''hey Cal'' I breathed heavily.


''hey Annabeth, your ass looks wonderful in these shorts'' he complimented and I spun around to be face to face with him.


''well thank you'' I then left him because our teacher came in the gym, he started explaining what we'll be doing today which will be playing football. also Calum's one of a few talents.


I also got as the opposite team of Calum which sucked because I knew my team would lose against him anyway.



we started playing when some tall guy from the other team elbowed me in the stomach, i was sent to the floor on my back, i let out a cry of pain as they stopped playing.


''Annabeth, are you alright?'' Mr Robert asked and i shook my head, holding my stomach tightly. ''you can go to the nurse, Calum, you can go with her. I'll write you a permission''



Calum helped me up and i groaned because it hurt so fucking bad! Mr Robert gave us the permission and we started walking to the nurse.


''How did you fall?'' he asked and I scoffed.


''like you actually care''


''Anna tell me how did you fall?'' he rolled his eyes.


''some tall blonde guy elbowed me'' then we entered the nurse's office.




after giving me some pain killers and telling me that it will leave a bruise, Calum and I walked through the corridors which were empty because everyone was in Class right now.


''are you busy after school?'' Calum asked. and I shook my head ''come to my place?''


''and why is that?'' I stopped walking and crossed my arms over my chest.


''I want to have some fun'' he replied and I scoffed.


''I'll see about that later, fuckboy''








I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!

it wasn't the best chapter but i promise you the next will be better, it will be posted soon, , maybe tonight!


nina xx





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