Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


14. Chapter Thirteen



Anna's P.O.V



what the hell have i done?

did i just have sex with Calum? the guy i used to despise very deeply?



i can't say i didn't enjoy every second of it but that doesn't mean that now me and Calum can be a couple or something, it's not like he's goint to ask me to be his girlfriend or anything but why do i feel so used thinking about this?

what we did last night was only pure lust nothing more, right?


thoughts clouded my mind and i started to feel dizzy especially that i had drank some last night. i took a quick shower to clear my thoughts and to sober up enough to go to school.

after my shower, i dried my hair and started applying some make up when i noticed the hickeys i got last night.


thanks Calum.


i put on black skinny jeans and a comfortable sweatshirt, i didn't have the energy to dress up honestly plus the sweatshirt was warm and the weather started getting chilly these day.


i took my book bag and my phone and i was off to go. i started my walk to school and i couldn't help but to think, did i really have sex with a sex addict?

that's messed up.

i didn't know what Calum was thinking about right now, but why would he think much of it? he's used to one night stands, he's used to hooking up with girls, he's used to all of this.


my phone vibrated signaling a text from Lily, i opened the text to see a message from Lily telling me she won't be at school today which is weird because Lily never skips a day of school, i sent her a quick 'okay' and continued the dreadful walk until i was infront of school.



i walked to my locker and got my things for English and huffed, will it be awkward to face Calum after what happened last night? or is it going to be normal?


i pushed these thoughts to the back of my mind and walked to English quickly.

i sat in my usual seat in the back and Calum's usual seat was empty, he didn't come yet. or was he coming at all?


i sighed as Mrs Evans came inside the classroom and started discussing our Novel, i didn't pay attention to her as my mind raced, why didnt Calum come to class.


as on cue, the door of the classroom burst open and Calum entered, looking more tired than ever, his eyes met mine for a brief second and he moved and sat in the front.

my mind raced.

is Calum ignoring me?




it was a dreadful day, not only because Lily didn't come and that i was alone but also because Calum was ignoring me the whole time.

he didn't speak to me, didn't even throw any comment, just some glances and that's it.

it felt weird not hanging out with Calum, not teasing him and not cranking jokes with him.

as bad as it sounds.


i missed him.

and that's why i decided to go to his place after school.

fuck Dylan and him telling me to come home straight after school.

i was going to see Calum and talk to him about 'us'


If there's an 'us'




i knocked three times at Calum's door, and i heard him mumbling curses then he opened the door, pretty much shirtless, sweatpants hanging off his hips and an annoyed look on his face.


''What do you want?'' he asked with a bored expression among his face.


''i want to talk'' i said looking him in the eye but he avoided eye contact.



''there's nothing to talk about really'' he shrugged.


''no there is '' i pushed him inside and closed the door, i tried to contain my hurt expression and not show it. ''what happened last night, didn't it mean anything to you?'' i asked calmly, as calm as i could muster. 


''Anna, last night was just a hookup, why do you think it'll mean anything?'' he asked and looked me in the eye for the first time i came here.


''so it's nothing for you? so I'm like every other girl you have sex with and throw her in the dump right?'' my voice started to raise ''how could be so stupid to let you use me like that?''


''i didn't use you Anna'' he said sternly, ''we both wanted that don't deny it and you know me, i don't do anything other than meaningless sex'' 


''what happened last night Calum, wasn't meaningless and you know it'' tears swelled up in my eyes but i fought it, i'm not going to cry because of him.


he laughed bitterly ''what did you expect Anna? that i'll tell you i love you? that i want you to be my girlfriend?'' he said ''i don't do relationships baby, i just have sex and i think you know why, because i'm a sex addict''

he says and i couldn't hold it anymore.

i broke down into tears.


''i want you Calum, i fucking want you! can't you see that?! why do you think i was jealous last night when you kissed Sarah? because i don't want you to touch anyone like you touch me'' i whispered '' i don't want you to show affection to anyone like you do to me'' i cried.

i was slowly losing my pride and dignity begging him and telling him that i want him and it hurt.


''i know that you're lying, i know that it wasn't just meaningless sex for you. i know it, i just know it.'' i said as i came closer to him. he didn't know what to say and that striked some hope within me, maybe he's finally realizing that he likes me, that he wants me.

i cupped his face and stroked it softly before reaching out and closing my eyes ready to meet his lips, but before i can even touch them, he grabbed my arm and i opened my eyes


''Anna, there's some fucked up shit you don't know about me, if i do this i know i'll be hurting you so please get out of my life for good.'' he said sternly.

''nothing will ever happen between us'' 

and with that i wiped my tear stained cheeks and stormed out of the house, i couldn't process anything as i entered my car and broke into sobs in my car.


i can't believe he just did that.


i was officially done with Calum Hood.














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