Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


11. Chapter Ten




''what the hell is going on here?'' Ashton asks with wide eyes as I put on one of Calum's shirts that laid on the ground ''so you both really are a thing?'' he asks and I shake my head quickly.


''no, of course not, we're just friends'' I talk quickly and Calum chuckles beside me, I elbow him in his stomach and he groans.


''you mean friends with benefits?'' Ashton asks, raising his eyebrows.


''no no, it just kind of happened you know?'' I said, looking down at my bare legs, rarely covered with Calum's oversized shirt. ''I think I have to leave'' I cleared my throat and put on my skirt and took my stuff before getting out of the house quickly and breathing heavily.


fuck. we got caught.






Calum's P.O.V


''what the hell were you both doing Calum?'' Ashton asked as I got a beer bottle from the fridge and popped it open, taking a long drag.


''what do you mean?'' I asked casually.


''you were both at the verge of having sex if I didn't come in time'' he huffed and took a seat on the couch beside me where Anna previously sat.


''and what's wrong with that?'' I asked taking sips of my beer every now and then.


''she's not a random girl to you Calum, and we both know that'' Ashton said and I turned to face him slowly. ''you can't just fuck her and leave''


''I can do whatever I want, Ash'' I rolled my eyes ''and why isn't she a random girl to me?'' I asked.


''because it's so obvious that she's more to you than a hook up you would fuck because you're an addict'' he said and I thought about that for a moment. ''how many times did you two make out?''



''about 5 or 6 times?'' I said and he gasped. ''what's so strange about that?''


''you still didn't fuck her dude, that was priority for you. you just have sex and then you go find another girl and the cycle goes on'' he explains and I shrug. ''you didn't have sex with anybody in the time you both were hanging out with each other right?''


''yes, I don't feel the need to anyways'' I shrug again as I through the now empty bottle behind my back on the floor.


''you like her Calum''


''what? no, we both hate each other''


''doesn't seem like it at all'' he shrugs and stands up. ''I'm going to leave now, there's a party later tonight at Michael's, you coming?''


''yes I'll be there'' and with that he walked out of the house, leaving me with my thoughts running wild in my head.


did I really like Annabeth or was I just interested in getting to know her better?

does she really hate me?




Annabeth's P.O.V



I was sitting in my room, thinking about the events of today and face-palming myself everytime I remember that we got caught.


my phone began to ring and Lily's name flashed across the screen.


''hey Lily'' I answered with a sigh. I wasn't really up for talking but after all, she was my bestfriend and we didn't talk for so long ,thanks to Calum.


''hey Anna, how are you doing?'' she asks with her usual chirpy voice.


''I'm fine, what's up?''


''there's a party tonight at Michael's, want to come?''she asks and I think for a moment before replying.


''I don't think I will, I'm really tired'' I fake yawned.


''oh yes you will, please Anna'' she begged through the phone.


''why are you excited about going so much anyway? parties aren't your thing'' I said.


''emm, well.. Luke is going to be there and I think I have a little tiny crush on him'' she giggles and I roll my eyes.


''alright, pick me up at 8;00'' I said as I heard her yay then I hang up.


I decided it was time to get ready, it was 7;00.


''what should I wear?'' I mumbled to myself, opening my closet looking through all my clothes.


I decided on my leather leggings and a black lacy crop top with black heels. I straightened my brown hair and put on some light make up and I was off to go.


it was 7;47 by the time I was finished so I played some games on my phone until Lily came and picked me up.



I don't know why but I felt that tonight something's going to have and I didn't know if it's bad or good.












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