Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


8. Chapter Seven






''where were you yesterday?'' Lily asked and I shrugged, I didn't really want to tell her because she'd get suspicious about me hanging out with Calum.


''why are you asking?'' I asked, trying to act like there's nothing.


''your brother called me and I had to lie and say you're hanging out with me, but you weren't with me so where were you?'' she opened her locker and got out her things.


''I had detention'' that was actually true, I had detention and I skipped it. but she didn't have to know that.


''okay..'' she dragged on and that made me know that she didn't quite believe me. ''I'll see you at lunch''


''yeah sure'' and she started walking to her class, I let out a breath, before turning around quickly only to be slammed to the locker.


''Annabeth'' Calum smirked and I sighed. ''why looking so moody?''


''I'm not moody, it's just I want to go to class because Mr. Evans will give me another detention and i can't skip this time and also because I don't want to be seen with you, I'm supposed to hate you''


''so you don't really hate me?'' he asked me and I scoffed.


''of course I hate you, you dumbass, but it doesn't seem like it when you're literally pinning me to a locker and so close to me'' I let out a breath because I started getting wet, his hot breath was fanning my face and he smelled like cinnamon and cologne.


we were starring into each other's eyes so intensely that I felt my legs go weak, he didn't have the stupid smirk on his face, he was just plain starring in my eyes like he was trying to figure out what was I thinking. then the annoying sound of the bell was heard and I jumped suddenly, breaking eye contact with him.


''why don't we skip school today?'' he asked and I turned to him.


''of course not'' I scoffed.


''aww is goodie two shoes Anna afraid to skip school'' he said in a childish tone of voice and I glared at him.


''you know what Calum? c'mon we're getting out of here'' and with that, I took his hand and dragged him through the corridors to the school's exit.






''so we skipped school to come here?'' I asked Calum as he parked the car in front of a diner.


''yes because I'm hungry and they have good pizza here''


we entered the cheap looking place and sat in a booth beside a window, the place didn't look bad but it wasn't good either. Calum called the waiter who was actually a really good looking guy who had deep blue eyes and brown hair styled perfectly in a quiff and an eyebrow piercing and lots of tattoos.


''what would you like to order?'' he spoke with a very husky voice and I was going to drool.


''I'll have one pepperoni pizza small and she's going to have a BBQ chicken small one too, right girlfriend?'' Calum asked and I nodded.


''right, Calu- wait what?''


''anything to drink?'' the waiter asked.


''water please'' Calum replied and the waiter left.


''what was that?'' I asked and he rolled his eyes.


''this guy was checking you out Anna'' Calum said with a bored expression''


''why do you care, it's non of your business anyway'' I scoffed and with that we kept quite until our pizza came, Calum was already in the 4th slice and I was still in my first. boys eat so fast!


My phone vibrated signaling a text from Lily, I sighed before checking the message :



Where are you? I'm at the cafeteria



I sighed again when my phone vibrated again



Hey Annabeth, it's Ashton :)




"Are you done sticking your nose in your phone?"


"Yes what do you want?"


"Let's get out of here"






"Where are we going now may I ask?" I spoke but Calum ignored me completely. "Hey I'm talking here" I waved my hand infront of his face.


" can you shut up for a minute, we're almost there " he rolled his eyes, something he always does when he's frustrated with something.


He drove through the woods and it started getting dark and creepy, then suddenly we were out of the woods and it started getting hot, then sun was burning my arms from the windows and I groaned.


''can you please tell me where the hell are we going?'' I snapped at Calum but he ignored me completely and drove quietly.


we drove for about 10 minutes when we stopped infront of something that looked abit like a cave downwards. it was dark inside and it looked scary.


''we're here'' Calum said before getting out of the car, I followed behind him as he looked downwards at the mysterious place.


''what's in there? are you going to murder me or something?''


''I wouldn't have drove you here to kill you for example I would've just thrown you into the woods''


''they would've found me in the woods but here I'm not sure'' I shrugged.


''I still didn't fuck you so I'll wait till I do so then I'd think about killing you but now shall we get in there'' he pointed to the cave-like place.


then he sat down with his legs tangling down and started climbing downwards while holding the rocks, I did the same as him, tripping in the process but succeseding in the end. when my feet touched the ground, Calum was already sitting on it and looking at something.


I turned around to be greeted by the most beautiful view I've ever seen, deep blue water surrounded by the rocks and the water reflecting on them, it looked like those places where the mermaids live in, it was fascinating.


''do you like it?'' Calum asked and I nodded, still not able to speak ''we shall get in the water then, shall we?''


''get in the water? I don't have any clothes''


''we'll go to my place afterwards just get in the water, don't waste time'' he pulled his shirt over his head tossing it on the floor followed by his skinny jeans and I just stood, starring at his tones chest.


when he looked me in the eye, I started undressing myself suddenly feeling anxious about my body. I heard water splash signaling he got in the water.

I removed my jeans before sitting at the edge of water, Calum swam over to me and smiled, standing between my legs.


he carried me into the water and I kept my legs secure around his waist.


''when didyou find that place'' I asked, looking around.


''I had a fight with my parents one day and took my car and started driving into the woods when it lead me here, I was curious to know what's hidden down here'' he looked around as well ''and it became my secret place''



''and why did you bring me here'' I looked him in the eye and wrapped my arms around his neck.


'' I don't even know''











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