Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


2. Chapter One



''I can't believe summer is over'' Lily whined, playing with the straps of her back bag, summer was officially over and we were now just a few blocks away from our school,  it was heartbreaking. ''no more staying out late and no more fun, what is the point of school anyway?''


''I don't know, school is made to annoy the shit out of us'' I rolled my eyes as the school's buildings came to view. ''here we go, another year of hell'' I faked crying, wiping my imaginary tears with my thumb.


''we better be in the same classes because I won't survive being in class with jerks alone'' Lily pointed her finger at me and I chuckled.


we walked into the crowded hallway of school, straight to get our schedules as fast as possible.


turns out we're almost in the same classes, Lily almost screamed in happiness because she said she couldn't bare sitting with idiots and jerks all alone and that I would be her 'protector'


it was still 8 o'clock so we had half an hour to find our lockers and organize our stuff till the bell rings.


''did you hear that Calum Hood fucked Lucy Edwards?'' I heard someone whisper to someone else and I couldn't help but listen. ''they say they're dating'' the other girl said and I literally scoffed at that, turning to both of the girls.


''Calum Hood doesn't date''


''Anna! look '' Lily pointed her finger towards Calum Hood, who was walking with his 'gang', I snorted and most of the people around me turned to look, even Calum himself spotted me and smirked.


''oh, another year with the annoying Anna, how are you baby?'' he smiled and I scrunched my face.


''don't ever call me baby again'' I turned around, pulling Lily's hand and dragging her behind me.


''and if I do? baby?'' he asked and I could see the smirk that laced his lips, I smirked to myself, turning my head slightly to his direction.


'' i'll chop your dick of, baby'' people around us laughed, even Michael one of his friends but Calum quickly glared at him making Michael stop laughing like a kid who obeys his father's orders.



''that was fantastic Annabeth!'' she laughs and I roll my eyes.


''he totally deserved it'' I chuckled, remembering how he glared at Michael when he laughed.


''but why do you hate him so much? like what did he do to you?'' she asked and I shrugged.


''he did nothing to me, but he reminds me of someone '' I shook that thought of me head and started walking to my class, forgetting all about that jerk named Calum Hood.




for a first day, it went down good, excluding the part when my math teacher decided to test our ability to do something we haven't learned yet and when Lina, the school's nerd threw up on my table becase she was hangover from yesterday at lunch.


Lily's mum came to pick her up because apparently, her mum was getting married so she had to go with her to bride's shopping. they invited me to go but I refused because I knew it will be boring and also because I needed to rest.


I took my things from the locker and started walking when a hand pulled me back, I turned around to be greeted by Calum Hood.


''are you tired of fucking girls so you came so I can chop of your dick as I promised I would?'' he smirked.


''I would never get tired of fucking girls, Anna, that's what I live for'' I wanted to slap him right here, right now.


''you're the most disgusting person to ever exist do you know that?'' I pulled my hand from his grip and he laughed ''what are you laughing at?''



''you seem hot as fuck when you making that face, I would fuck you senseless'' again I made a disgusted face. I raised my hand ready to slap him but he caught my wrist inches away from touching his cheek.


he backed me up against the locker and caught my other wrist and pinning both of them above my head. his other hand trailed down my body and I squirmed to free myself.


''what the fuck?! get off me you creep!'' I exclaimed and he smirked.


''you hate me so much don't you?'' he asked.


''more than I hate anything Calum Hood'' I narrowed my eyes and he chuckled deeply.


''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'll have you''






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