Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


10. Chapter Nine





after school ended, I quickly took my stuff and headed for the exit to be greeted with Lily who was folding her arms over her chest.


''where are you going to disappear this time? I'm not covering for you anymore Anna'' she said and I sighed.


''I'm going to visit a friend of mine'' I shrugged.


''a friend? you mean Calum right?'' she asked and I looked at her ''it's so obvious that you like him Anna'' she laughs and unfolds her arms.


''the fuck? I don't like jerks like him, we're just working on a school project together and he didn't come today so I am going to check on him'' I shrugged again ''and what makes you think that I like him?'' I asked.


''because you've been searching the whole time about him and you've been hanging out with him a lot I assumed that you likes him to be honest''


''no I hate him and that's never going to change Lily'' I laughed ''I'll see you tomorrow?''


''sure thing?'' then she was off to go when I saw her mum pull in the drive way of the school. I waved at her and they drove away.

I quickly got into my car and started driving at the direction of Calum's house.


on my way there, my phone rang, signaling a call from Dylan, my brother.


I answered quickly but keeping my eyes fixed properly on the road.


''where are you Annabeth?'' he asked and I sighed through the phone.


''I'm on my way to a friend's house, why are you asking?''


''just checking on you, who's that friend?'' he asked and I groaned.


''his name is Calum, anything else?'' I asked ready to hung up.


''no, take care of yourself because I think I'm not going to be home tonight. my boss needs me to do a lot of work so I think i'm going to stay the night in the office'' he said.


''okay, bye Dylan'' then I hung up.


I parked in front of Calum's house and got out of the car, knocking on the door lightly, I heard some shuffeling inside then the door opened revealing some smoke and a nasty smell of alcohol and a shirtless Calum with a beer in his hand.


I coughed and spoke ''what the hell are you doing in there?'' I asked.


''come in'' he dragged me by my wrist inside the house, it was a bit dark because the lights weren't on but there was a faint sunlight coming through the curtained window.


''why didn't you come to school today?'' I asked as I sat on the couch and he sat beside me,


''I didn't feel like going you know'' he smirked and rested his head on the head board of the couch, I looked at my surroundings, the ash tray was full of smoked cigarettes and a lot of empty bottles were laying on the floor and not to mention the clothes laying everywhere.



''and why did you come here?'' he asked casually.


''I just came to check up on you'' I shrugged ''but I think i'm going to leave now'' right when I stood up, he pulled me down back on the couch.


''stay for a bit I was bored anyways'' he mumbled.


''let's watch some movies then'' I smiled and got up from the couch, searching through his movies.


''what about finding nemo?'' I asked.


''do I look like someone to watch finding nemo?'' he chuckled and I rolled my eyes.


''yeah you're right, you look like a drug addict right now'' I laughed and looked through the movies he had ''what about magic mike?'' he nodded as I put the movie in and we started watching.


I made some pop-corn as me and Calum ate it with his arms around my shoulder. it was nice being friendly with Calum, I think he wasn't so bad after all.


when the movie ended, Calum insisted that I would stay a little bit longer because he wanted me to play a game with him that he was supposed to yet explain to me.


''so what exactly is this game about?'' I asked, crossing my legs as me and Calum sat on the ground in front of each other.


''listen, you're going to ask me a question about yourself and if I get the answer right, you'll have to take off a piece of clothing and same goes to me as well'' he explains.


''well, this is interesting '' I smirk and rub my hands together. ''and what does the winner get as a prize?''


''anything you wish for'' he smirked ''you start first''


''what is my favorite pizza topping?'' I asked.


''BBQ chicken'' he answered confidently and I groaned and took off my socks.


''my favorite subject?'' he asked and I thought for a moment.




''fuck, how did you know that?'' he took of his sweatpants and he was already shirtless.


''middle name?''


''Claire?'' he said but it came out as a question.


''hell, yes but how did you know that?'' I laughed.


''I heard your friend, I think her name was Lily. calling you in the middle of the hallway, she was like ''come here Annabeth Claire Collins'' he laughed and I laughed along, sliding my skirt down my ankles and throwing it away.


thank god, I was wearing my lacey underwear.


''my favorite thing to do in my free time?'' he asked.


''have sex''


''no, it's my second favorite thing, I actually like playing the bass'' he rolled his eyes at me.


''my favorite band?''



''sleeping with sirens?'' he asked and I nodded, pulling my shirt over my head and throwing it away with my skirt that layed somewhere in Calum's mess of clothes and underwear.


I was just in my underwear and goosbumps rose on my skin.


''why do you have to be so hot, Anna?'' Calum asked as he starred at my bare skin ''you make it so hard not to fuck you'' he said, his voice getting deeper.


''why don't you fuck me?'' I smirked.


''I actually don't know what's stopping my all this time'' he licked his lips and his eyes got dark as he came closer to me, messaging my neck softly with his hands. ''I didn't have sex for like three weeks Anna and it's scaring me''

he confessed.



''why is it scaring you?'' I asked as he attacked my neck with kisses and I moaned.


''because you're taking away my addiction, you're slowly being my new addiction, Anna'' and with that he started sucking hungrily on the soft skin right behind my ear and I moaned loudly, tugging on his hair.


my head rested on the pile of clothes on the floor and he was between my legs, kissing me so hard as if his life depended on it.

I felt the heat between my legs as he rubbed his crotch against mine, making me moan again in pleasure.


''I don't think I'm going to have enough of you'' he whispers and kisses my lips hungrily, I wrapped my arms around his neck and flipped us over so I was sitting in his lap, with my legs wrapped around his waist.


his hands worked down my sides and I shivered from the cold touch of his hands.


we were making out until I heard the front door start to open.


I stood up quickly from Calum's lap and searched for my clothes but Ashton has already seen us


''what the hell is going on here?''












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