Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


5. Chapter Four






''what's up with you and Calum?'' that was the first question Lily asked me this morning, she was wearing a suspicious look on her face and I felt worried that she might've saw something she wasn't supposed to see.


''nothing is up with me and Calum, why are you asking?'' I chewed on my bottom lip, taking my book for my next class which was English that I got kicked out of before because of Calum.


''nothing, it's just there's some rumors going around, a girl called Natalie said she saw the both of you flirting at gym class'' Lily shrugged, seeming not interested in the topic anymore and the suspicious look she gave me earlier was gone, replaced by her usual look.


''that's all bullshit, I actually hate him'' that wasn't a lie, I hated him with passion but that didn't mean that I could stay away from him, he made me feel some kind of way like I couldn't pull back from him and it worried me because I didn't want to be involved with someone like Calum.


Lily went to Math while I walked quickly to English, no wanting to be late, if anything I wanted to go on time because I wanted to avoid Mr Evans because he seems to already hate me.


when I entered the classroom, half of the students were already there, I sat at the back of the class and started playing on my phone when I felt presence beside me.


''Hey Annabeth'' Calum smirked, getting out his notebook and pencil.


before I could say anything back, Mr Evans entered the class and placed his things on his desk. ''read chapter 5,6 and 7 in the novel and take notes, we'll discuss them when you finish reading.'' he said and started reading his own novel.


I got my novel and my notebook and started reading and writing notes down when I felt a hand caress my thigh, I immediately snapped my head in Calum's direction an gave him a glare.


''Calum stop'' I demanded but his hands only went further, slightly touching me through my underwear, thanks to my choice of clothes, a skirt.


''that's what you get when you ditch Calum Hood'' he whispered in my ear and a shiver ran down my was true that I ditched him last night, he invited me to his place and I didn't show up. simply because I had to babysit my younger siblings.


''not in the middle of-oh'' I started talking but then I felt the tip of his finger at my entrance, I let out a low moan and threw my head back.


''you like that baby?'' he whispered huskily as his finger worked inside and out of me. I let out another moan but this one was louder ''shh baby, we don't want anyone hearing you''


that's when Mr Evans stopped reading and started listening to the notes people wrote.


''Annabeth, would you like to share what you have written'' he smiled.

Calum's hand was still in my panties but it wasn't so noticeable since our seats were so close to each other, I looked down on my notebook and it was empty, thanks to Calum.


''after school detention''






''Anna, why do you look so flustered?'' Lily asked as I walked into the ladies bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked horrible to say the least, my hair was a bit messy and my face, oh my face. it looked like I've been finger-fucked and that was actually true.


''I got after school detention'' I mumbled and rinsed my face with cold water, fixing my make up.




''because of that jerk Calum, he-'' I cut myself off and Lily looked at me confused.


''what did he do?''


''um, I gotta go! see you tomorrow!'' I exclaimed, leaving the bathroom as soon as possible. but as I stepped out of the bathroom, I got knocked out to the floor.

I looked up and saw one of Calum's bestfriends, I think his name was Ashton.


''I'm sor-''


''it's no problem, my name is Ashton, you're Annabeth right?'' his face had a smile printed on it as if a crazy girl didn't bump into him seconds ago.


''yeah nice to meet you Ashton'' I smiled back ''I'll see you around and sorry again!'' I exclaimed and hurried down the corridor, I wonder from where did Calum get that attitude, his friends are nice.





again Calum.


''what the hell do you want?'' I asked angrily.


''I can't recall you being angry at me when I was finger-fucking you in the middle of lesson'' he smirked and I stomped my feet.


''I got after school detention because of you jerk''


''skip it'' he said simple and I glared at him ''skip it and come over to my house after school''


''I don't even know you properly! I'm not going to come over to your house'' I rolled my eyes at him.


''okay fine, when you come over, we'll get to know about each other, deal?''


I thought for a moment before saying






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