Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


6. Chapter Five












I was on my to Calum's house, I skipped detention, I didn't call my brother to tell him I'm going somewhere after school and I didn't even tell Lily, my bestfriend of 7 years.

I felt rebellion although it wasn't something huge like smoking weed or breaking the law but I felt brave.


I arrived at my destination quickly, turns out Calum only lived two blocks from school, well, now I know why he comes to school early.


I rang the bell of his house and heard shuffling inside and something breaking before the door opened to reveal a shirtless Calum with sweatpants hanging low on his waist, his hair was a bit messy, not the perfect curls they usually are. his biceps were visible since he was shirtless and also his mascular chest, I didn't realize that I zoned out, checking him out until I saw a smirk reaching on his face.


my cheeks reddened ''um...hey'' I smiled a bit but it was forced, I was so fucking embarrassed!


''come in'' he smirked motioning for me to go inside, I smiled again before walking past him inside the house.


it was a mess, everything was on the floor or laying messily on the furniture, the tv was on and skittles were scattered on the floor with playing cards.


''sorry I didn't have time to clean the house''


''like you'd actually clean it if you have the time'' I rolled my eyes and turned to him ''you live alone?'' I asked.


''yeah, my parents bought this house to me because they had enough of my shit'' he air quoted the word 'shit'.


''let's get started getting to know each other, that's what I came for anyway''


''are you sure you only came for that?'' he was full on smirking now.


''yes I'm sure''


''it's your loss baby, what do you want to know about me?'' he asked as he sat down on the floor in front of the couch I was sitting on.


''why are you a jerk?''


''did you seriously come here to my house to ask why I'm a jerk?''


''yeah I really wanted to know that'' I chuckled.


''let's save that question for later, what is your favorite color?'' he asked.


''purple, what's your?''


''yellow, what's your favorite song?''


''that one is hard but I'd say roger rabbit by sleeping with sirens, kellin Quinn is bae though''


''did you seriously say that?'' Calum laughed and I shrugged.


''what's the most embaressing thing that have ever happened to you?'' I asked, crossed my legs.


''I was in freshman year and I was talking to a very hot girl online, she went to another school. I sent her a nudes and she leaked them on the internet and the principal found out, I was in big shit'' he laughed and crinckled started to form by his eyes. he looked cute.


no wait, Calum and cute?


''Anna'' he snapped his fingers in my face and I jumped suddenly realizing that I zoned out again. ''you keep checking me out, it's annoying'' he smirked.


'' I wasn't checking you out, I just zoned off'' I protested and he looked up at me with those eyes of his and bit his bottom lip. ''next question, do you play an instrument?''


''yeah, I play the bass and sometimes the guitar, I'm actually in a band'' he smiled.


''a band? wow, I never thought you have something to do in your life other than fucking girls'' I chuckled.


''that's not the only thing I do, I'm not some fuck-machine or something'' he rolled his eyes.


''but you seem like one'' I shrugged and I felt his face getting red ''it's like you're a sex addict or something'' that's when he snapped and stood up, pushing me down on the couch, his legs between mine.


''that's because I'm one'' he whispered huskily before attacking my lips angrily, I kissed back with the same force as he started circling his hips with mine, I pulled away for a moment before starting to kiss him again.


I never expected Calum's outburst to lead to us making out, but it was like he was trying to empty all his anger by making out with me like that. I'm not going to lie I knew I pushed some buttons of his but I was only joking, I guess he took it seriously.


he was sucking on my neck harshly and I was a moaning mess. he lifted my shirt up and started caressing my bare skin, his hands exploring every inch of my body.


he's a sex addict, he just confessed that to you, Anna.


my inner voice spoke but I shrugged it off, and kept making out with him when the doorbell rang,  Calum looked at the wall clock and cursed before motioning for me to get up from the couch, I fixed my hair quickly as he put on a random shirt he found laying on the ground.


he opened the door and loud voices were heard. and there came three guys, Ashton, Michael and a tall blonde guy that I recognized from gym class.


'' Annabeth Collins? really Calum? she threatened to chop of your dick''  Michael rolled his eyes and my cheeks reddened. ''but dude she's hot.''


''I think I'm going to leave now'' I cleared my throat.


''no, you can stay and play fifa with us, but you don't look like the type of girl that plays video game'' the blonde guy said and I smirked.


''then you don't know Annabeth Collins, it's on''







hope you liked the chapter, I'm going to publish the next chapter soon and I'll announce who's character is going to be in the fanfic in it so stay tuned!


love you,


Nina xx


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