Sex Addict // c.h

“You hate me so much, don't you?”

“I hate you more than anything, Calum Hood"

''too bad that you hate me because I want you and I'm going to have you''


12. Chapter Eleven



Anna's P.O.V



we arrived at the party 7:18 and everyone was dancing and drinking and basically ripping eachother's clothes off in the middle of the house. it was really crowded but Lily was quick to spot Luke like when you find a needle in the ocean.


''look! he's so fucking cute tonight'' she basically went 'heart eyes emoji' and I laughed patting her shoulder ''look! he's looking our way'' she exclaims and flips her hair over her shoulder, trying to act natural.


to be honest, Luke was a really cute guy but also from Calum's gang so I didn't know about his personality but he seemed like the quietest of them all.


''oh my god! he's coming over he's coming-''


''hello ladies'' Luke said with a smile ghosting his face.


''oh hey Luke'' I greeted while Lily stood, grinning like an idiot. I elbowed her softly and she coughed quickly recovering.


''I wonder if you wanted to dance'' Luke said and gestured his hand towards Lily, her eyes sparkled immediately.


''yeah sure'' she patted her eyes lashes and took his hand and they both went to the dance floor leaving me alone.


I walked through the crowd to the kitchen, deciding to find a drink. greeting a few of people I know from school on my way.

I grabbed a single cup and filled it with some vodka. I took a sip before turning around to be met by the person I hoped to see tonight, Calum.


''Anna, I didn't know you attended parties like this you know. I turned you bad didn't I?'' he asked with the stupid smirk that I hated.


''you didn't turn me into anything Calum'' I rolled my eyes at him.


''so you're still the uptight annoying Anna?'' he asked, inching closer to me. I just starred at him in utter silence. ''like what you see? you probably want me to fuck you right now.'' then I realized what he said.


''I'm not uptight and I'm not annoying'' I said. ''and I don't want you to fuck me''


''you're pathetic babe'' he was being an asshole now.


''last time I checked you were the one who wanted to get in my pants'' I put a hand on my waist while the other one held the red cup with vodka in it.


''who would want to fuck you Anna?'' at this point I was fuming.


''go fuck yourself you self-centered sex addict'' I yelled but it wasn't heard by many people due to the loud music then I pushed past him returning to the living room where people were dancing in the middle.


I saw Lily and Luke sway together to the beat of the music playing and I felt jealous. I felt jealous of how he was holding her waist and how she was resting her head on his chest while they danced. I was jealous of how happy they were together right now


I sat on the couch, sipping slowly on my drink when someone came and stood infront of me, I looked up and saw a very attractive guy who had black hair and blue eyes that pierced through my soul, he had a smile on his face and I gave him a questioning look.


''what is a beautiful girl doing by sitting here alone and looking sad like that?'' he asked, extending his hands to me and I took hesitantly.

when I was eye-level with him, we were too close. he dragged me slowly to the dance floor and hugged my waist from behind, looking me in the eye.


''now, tell me why are you sad?'' he asked again.


''some problems with a friend of mine'' I mumbled.


''you love that friend so much, I see'' he said and pulled a strand of hair behind my ear. the alcohol that I drank previously was controlling me.


''I love him but he can't see it'' I said ''I love him, I really do but he doesn't'' I don't know why I was opening up to this stranger who I don't even know the name of but he was comforting me and now and again the alcohol was controlling my mind and actions.


I saw Calum from the corner of my eyes, sipping on his drink while a blonde girl talked to him about something he was obviously not interested in.

he looked my way and I quickly looked away, resting my head on the guy's chest.

''what's your name?'' I mumbled.


''I'm Jake''

''and I'm Annabeth'' I smiled.


''you look so much better when you smile'' he grinned and I laughed and blushed.

when the slow song ended a guy suddenly yelled ''let's play truth or dare'' I think that was Michael. Jake grabbed my hand and sat us both on the floor where everybody else started to circle.


Jake put his hand on my thigh in a friendly manner and I smiled, opposite from me was Calum who had a blank expression on his face. our eyes met and I scoffed quickly looking away at Jake.


then the game begun.
















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