Our friendship is fake


7. truth or dare


When we arrived at the park,so many memories jumped back into my head like when summer and Lilly both mooned people walking past and the time when summer and I tried to have a play fight and I ended braking her foot.

Me and summer were just sitting on the swings for a bit until Lilly arrived.when Lilly sore us she quickly came running up hugging me and summer tightly."hey lil"summer said.hi girls,how are you's" Lilly asked.i didn't say anything summer did all of the talking.lilly and summer had been talking for ages,I was starting to get really bored."wanna play thruth or dare"I asked trying to make this day more fun.yea ok they both said and walked over to the little table beside the park."ok u first" I said to summer."truth or dare Molly"summer asked with a smirk on her face.


Truth or dare Molly"I asked Molly waiting for an answer. " uhhhh truth"she answered."have you ever had sex with Harry stayles?"I asked wanting to find out more,so I didn't feel bad about last night.lilly couldn't stop laughing she thought the question was so funny.lillys laugh is like right in my face.i just want to hit her face with a hammer."uhhhh" Molly said.she was taking ever to reply."come on tell us" Lilly shouted. "No I haven't" Molly spoke,she sounded embarrassed."Harry said that he wants to wait until the right time because he wants my first time to be special"Molly answered, in a cute little voice.now I felt even more worse,she wants to lose her virginity to Harry,and I already slept with him."haha ok"I say trying to pretend like I didn't feel bad about anything and that Molly was a Virgin.i didn't want to say anything about it in case she got really embarrassed.

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