Our friendship is fake


3. our first fight


did she really just say that to me?i felt sick I needed to throw up, my head was spinning,I felt so anxious.i could feel my eyes start to water as I grabbed my bags and Harry grabbed both of our suitcases,as I walked out the I quietly said"I am sorry,was I ever good enough?".i ran into the spare room dropped my bags and tears ran down my face everywhere,I couldn't stop crying."are you alright babe"harry asked calmly."I-it's j-ust th-that sh-she h-ha-has never yelled a-at me before"I try to tell Harry but I was struggling to get my words out.i just laid there thinking , I was feeling so sick.was this the end of our friendship.did she hate me now.would she still let me stay here?.my head kept filling with questions,I just tried to forget about it.i just laid with my head on my pillow pretending that it would be all okay.i could feel my eyes drift off.


I was so angry at summer for yelling at Molly ,I just wanted to go in there and ask her what came over her.i just wanted Molly to be happy I wanted to enjoy my time in Airlie beach with my girlfriend not some sad depressed person.im going to go in there.i felt nervous in case she yelled at me and kicked me out I really needed somewhere to stay and so does Molly.i started to walk down the hallway,I could hear her footsteps in the bedroom so I know she is in there.i walked up to the door.took a big breath in and swung open the door."aaaaaaaaa wtf"summer screamed.did I really just see her naked,only in her underwear.she was so hot,I just stood there and starred.

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