Our friendship is fake


6. lets catch up


I jumped into the shower after Molly.when I got out I put on a pretty flower crop top,and white jeans with my black high top converses.i went into the bathroom put on mascara,eyeliner and some BB cream.i blow-dried my hair and put it into a fishtail braid.i really wanted to get out of the house today,I'm feeling so agitated in here."knock knock" someone was at my door."come in" I yelled.molly walked in,she looked really pretty today,she had her long blonde hair out,she had a short dress on that has stripes on it and white converses that I bought for her birthday last year."hey what are you doing today?,Harry said he was feeling sick so do you want to do something today?"she asked quietly."well Lilly asked me if I wanted to do something with her today,would you want to come with us?"I questioned her."fine,but if I have to talk to her,I'm definitely not going"Molly said feeling fiery."please try not to be bitch Molly,she try's to be nice to you" I say trying not to sound rude"fine I will try to be nice"Molly said with a gross look on her face.

Summer: hey Lilly,I'm not really doing anything today so we can hang out If you want.molly is coming as well if that's fine.

Lilly:hey ok cool,what do you want to do?

Summer:hey do you want to meet at that park,the one only me,you and Molly know about?

Lilly:yea sure😀

Summer: ok cya you there in like 40 minutes

Lilly: ok : 0

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