Our friendship is fake


1. is it actually him?

Class was taking forever,like it normally does.i just wish the bell would go.i just couldn't wait to get out of class as this afternoon my best friend molly was coming back from her dads in Sydney, she had been staying there for the past 3 months as her dad and her don't spend much time together anymore.me and Molly met in grade 4 on the monkey bars at school,so we have been best friends for 6 years now.

As i sat in English all loner and stuff listening to people read the stupid boring Shakspeare poems i got a text message

Molly:hey summer I can't wait to see you this afternoon,I'm bringing someone special down with me do you mind? :)

Me: hey molly, I can't wait to see you either.i miss you like crazy and that's cool who is it?

Molly didn't reply to my text,her phone must have gone flat or something.i have to admit I'm a little bit jealous,she is bringing one of her friends down.what if they become bestfriends and leave me out. I try not to worry about it to much Mollywouldn't do that kind of thing to me.

When I got home I quickly ran upstairs to my room,I was picking Molly up from the airport and I didn't want to be late.i chucked on my high waste denim jeans,a short black crop top and my whit converses.i went into the bathroom added a bit of mascara,foundation and eyeliner.i just chucked my hair in messy bun.i looked in the mirror.i had to admit didn't look half to bad.

My mum wasn't home yet and she is supposed to drive me to the airport I got worried that Mollywould be stuck at the airport.beep beep. I run down stairs mum is out the front in her ugly white mini van. "we really need a new car mum,this thing is an embarrassment to me"I said in stressed tone.mum just stared at me in disgust.she seams to think that this car is actually really cool. "Hi,and nice to see you to"mum said in an annoyed tone because I didn't say hi to her.

Me:hey,where are you?we are waiting in the parking lot

Molly:we just got off the plane,we will grab our luggage and we will walk over : )

Me: okay :$

As I sat in the car waiting for Molly to find us, I scrolled through my Insta news feed. I saw a picture on Molly's account of her and Harry styles on the plane!harry styles!are you joking?."aaaaaaaaa mum,mum,mum look who Molly must of met on the plane"I half screamed at mum."that's nice dear" my mum said like a old granny that didn't care."do you know who that is"I excitedly asked"no , should I no?"mum answered."he is like super famous" I say still really excited

I heard a knock on the window.i turned over to see Molly I quickly jumped out of the car and gave her I huge hug, that lasted for minutes.molly introduced us"Harry this Is summer,Summer this is""I know who this is, you are Harry styles,omg I like love you.hey,how are you?"Harry asked me."I'm good"I say trying not to scream."Harry is my boyfriend he will be moving up here with me,to get away from the crowd as he is taking a break on his music career "Molly exclaimed excitedly.

We all jumped in my mums car and headed for home.molly and Harry were in the back whispering and kissing,I just wanted to see Mollyand Harry is getting in the middle of our friendship.harry and Molly we're going to be staying with me until Mollys mum gets home from her trip to America in 7 weeks and Harry is staying until he finds a nice house to buy and even if he doesn't stay he is just going to use it as a holiday house.

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