Our friendship is fake


5. I'm sorry!

Summers p.o.v

"BANG".i woke up to the sound of a loud banging noise,I could smell pancakes coming from downstairs.i quickly jumped into the shower,washed my hair and my body and jumped out.i put on my high wasted denim shorts,a short tank top that says "eat pizza"on it.i put on my black vans and did a pink bow in my ponytail.i put a little foundation some mascara,eyeliner and concealer on as well.before I went downstairs I went to check my phone.

6 messages from Lilly:

Lilly:OMG is Harry styles staying with you?

Lilly:is Mollyand him really dating?

Lilly: can I sleep over tonight?

Lilly: what are you doing today?

Lilly: text back!

Lilly:fine :/

Summer:hey lil,I haven't herd from you in a while,I will see what I'm doing.yes Molly and Harry are dating and there both staying at my house

Lilly used to be really good friends with me and Molly until one day she got jealous of me because me and this jared guy were dating,and she told him that I wasonly dating him because he was rich.he dumped me the next day.me and Lilly are sorta friends now,she had apologiesed like 100 times but I still think she's kinda a bitch.molly hates her guts though.

I walked down stairs and sore Molly also sitting at the table with my mum,eating pancakes"morning" I said still sounding half asleep.i grabbed my pancakes and sat down,I swill owed them whole and finished in like 15 seconds."hey Molly can I talk to you" I asked nervously."sure" she said not seeming to happy with me."look,I'm really really sorry for yesterday.it had just been a really long day.i guess I was kinda jealous that you had a famous singer as your boyfriend,I promise that I would never treat you like that again,I am so sorry"I said trying to fit the words in to fast."it's ok ,I forgive you"she said walking out.


" I am so sorry"summer apologised to me.was she kidding I wasn't going to forgive her that easily,she needs to do better than that.i didn't want to start more drama so I just said that I forgave her.i was hoping Harry would want to do something today so I don't have to stay at summers all day,but it doesn't look like that he is going to get out of bed anytime soon so I will just have to go out but my self.i went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Summers p.o.v

I walked into MOLLYS room expecting her to be in there but all I saw was Harry"FUUUCCCCCKKKKK"I screamed I just remembered about last night,I was so fucking stupid.hiw could I do that to my best friend.harry woke up to me screaming."shit,did you tell her"he said sitting straight up."no and your not going to EVER tell her so keep your ugly mouth shut"I said rageing with anger over how dumb I was."you seemed to think that my mouth was pretty good last night"Harry smirked.what a smartass.

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