Our friendship is fake


4. cheater cheater


gross get out I "I squealed at Harry.was a famous singer,my best-friends boyfriend standing there seeing me naked.i quickly grabbed out a long tshirt that says stay cool on it, and chucked it over my naked body.i threw my little pink fluffy pillow off my bed at him to stop him staring.he quickly grabbed the pillow and threw it back at me.i laughed.harry had no shirt on he looked so hot.he sat on my bed."I-I j-just c-came I-In t-to.i stopped him but crashing my lips into his,his soft lips were against mine.was I really doing this.he placed he tounge on my bottom lip asking for enterence,I ameditly let him in,our tounges fighting each other.he slid my top of and threw it on the floor,I did the same with his pants.he kissed me everywhere I remover his boxers and he removed my g-string.we did it for about 30minutes.we lay there saying nothing."shit,I forgot about Molly hopefully she is still asleep,he quickly chucked on his boxers and pants.and he closed the door He whispered"btw your really good".he then left the room.did I really just sleep with Harry styles.i have betrayed my best friend.why the fuck would I do something like that.i am so dumb.i couldn't get him out of my head.as I laid back down I picked up my phone 1.00am I laid down and slowly fell asleep.

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