Our friendship is fake


2. are you serious?

As we arrived home I showed Molly to my room,she didn't look very excited though. "Are you ok Molly?"I questioned molly"yea I'm ok"she replied."I just remembered something I need to ask Harry in private,sorry it's really personal" Molly said. "Okay?" I answered.why couldn't she tell me?did she really trust Harry styles more then me.i felt sadness inside of me,I thought I was losing my best friend.i tried to hide my sadness,I just smiled.


"How do I tell her I want to have my own room with you.i just fell like a massive bitch.it would really hurt her feelings I think." I say to Harry feeling horrible."idk just tell her I guess" Harry replied in a tone that made him look dumb."I guess I could try it,wish me luck"I said scared

I walked over to summer,she was staring at me blankly."summer,I was wondering""spit it out then" she said bluntly but didn't sound rude."I was just wondering if.."I tried to say but couldn't get the words out.harry butted in"she was wondering if we could share a room instead of you two".harry seemed a bit blunt but I was glad I didn't have to say it."are you ok with that?"I asked scared hoping that she was ok with that.she just stared at me and said nothing.

Summers p.o.v

"Are you ok" Molly asked me trying to be nice.i just stood there I didn't say anything.was she serious?how could she even say that she was suppose to be my bestfriend not Harry's."ARE YOU ACTUALLY SERIOUS?" I yelled at Molly ,my anger just coming out of my mouth.she didn't say anything."YOU JUST THINK YOUR TOP SHIT DONT YOU,JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A HOT,FAMOUS BOYFRIEND DOESNT ME YOUR TO GOOD FOR ME,IF ANYTHING IM TO GOOD FOR YOU" i screamed at her face.she just starred at me I could see the tears swelling up in her face.she didn't say anything

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