Irwin's Sister

My Name is Chelsey Irwin. I am Ashton Irwin's Twin Sister!

Book 2 of my sister series.


2. Protective But Not Overprotective

Ash has always been protective but never overprotective. He tries to keep me from some things but not nearly as much as Luke kept my friend Riley from. The fans all know about me and are very sweet. Ash has wanted me to come on tour with him and the boys for years, but I was always in school so I couldn't go. Ash dropped out of school but I decided to stick with it, no matter how many times I got held back. I'm not the smartest kid on the block. I'm 21 and I just finished high school.

All the fans have been tweeting me and asking when I was going to come on tour with the boys. Well the time has finally come. Tomorrow we leave to go on tour for about a year. All the fans know that the boys are gonna be on tour but they don't know that I'm coming as well. Today we are announcing that through a video on their twitter and Facebook.

"Hey everyone we have great news to share! Chelsey is going to be coming on tour with us! We are all very excited that she can finally come with us."

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