Irwin's Sister

My Name is Chelsey Irwin. I am Ashton Irwin's Twin Sister!

Book 2 of my sister series.


12. Melbourne

    We arrive in Melbourne later that morning. It’s beautiful here and it seems like it would be the perfect beach day if we weren’t on a schedule.
“I really wanna go swimming. It seems like the perfect beach or pool day.”
“I don’t know if we have time. I’ll ask Ash though baby.” Luke says
“Ok. I would be happy with even an hour if we can spare it.” I say
“Ash told me that he already planned on us all going to the pool for a little while.” Luke says
We go to the pool and an inner tube flipping party takes place. This is awesome.
“Someone will come get us when we have to go get ready.” Ash says
We weren’t paying attention to Ash. Luke was trying to flip me and I was struggling against it. It takes a while but finally Luke figured out how to flip me. That’s when we are told we have to get out.
    We head over to the venue to get ready for tonight. There I find out that I’m getting my own stylist. I hear that she has a lot planned for the tour. She takes me to the dressing room and shows me all the cute dresses she picked out for me. Some were short, some were long.
“I think we should do this one for soundcheck” she says, pointing to a long purple dress, with a pair of silver heels.
“I love it.”
“Then for the first half of the concert I think this is perfect.” she says pointing to a pink short dress and the silver heels.
“Once again I love it.”
“And for the second half of the concert I was thinking this.” she says pointing to a turquoise short dress and the silver heels.
“I love it.”
“For hair I was thinking curls and sparkles.”
“That sounds great.”
We go to do my hair and when it’s done I can’t believe how beautiful it looks. For makeup we went simple, silver eye shadow with a little light pink lipstick.
    Now I have nothing to do for the next like 4 hours. We are all bored so we decide to play truth or dare.
“Chelsey, truth or dare?” Ash asks
“I dare you to snuggle with Luke for the rest of the game.”
Now snuggling Luke it’s my turn.
“Cal truth or dare?”
“I dare you to make out with your teddy bear.”
That is very funny. Now its Cal’s turn.
“Michael truth or dare?”
“What’s your favorite color?”
Now it’s Mikey’s turn.
“Ash truth or dare?
“I dare you to kiss the wall.”
After Ash kisses the wall it’s time for soundcheck.
    For soundcheck we play a couple songs and answer questions. Before we know it it’s time for the concert. We play End Up Here, Jet Black Heart, SLSP, 18, Wrapped Around Your Finger, Amnesia, Good Girls, and She’s Kinda Hot.
Luke dedicated SKH to me and the concert is over. Next stop London. 

links for clothes:

Soundcheck dress:

silver heels:

pink dress:

turquoise dress front:

turquoise dress back:





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