Irwin's Sister

My Name is Chelsey Irwin. I am Ashton Irwin's Twin Sister!

Book 2 of my sister series.


10. long bus ride

I know it's gonna be another long bus ride to Melbourne. I had so much fun last night. Touring is awesome. I don't know why I ever said that I couldn't go because I had school, I could have taken school online. I open up my twitter and tweeted, "Had so much fun performing with @5sos last night. Bring on Melbourne!!"

To pass the long bus ride we decided to play strip truth or dare.

Michael went first.

"Chelsey truth or dare?"


"I dare u to smack Luke's ass." I look at Luke and he looks at me. I smack his ass and we both laugh.

"Luke truth or dare?"


"I dare u to eat a spoonful of Vegemite!" He looks at me like I'm crazy. But he does it and his reaction is hilarious!

"Ash truth or dare?"


"I dare u to have a 5 minute make out session with ur sister." Ash knew he wouldn't do that so now he's shirtless.

"Cal truth or dare?"


"What's ur most embarrassing secret?"

"I still sleep with my teddy bear."

Now we have to go to bed because it's after midnight.

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